Choose your words carefully


Choose your words carefully

If a friend of yours, or someone you respected told you
that you looked sick today would you believe them?
If a complete stranger told you that you looked sick today
would you believe them? If a half a dozen people told you
that you looked sick today would you believe them?

Would you at least wonder that if that many people
told you looked sick today there may be a chance
that you may be coming down with something?
And as you begin to ponder this possibility,
you become very aware of every sensation
in your body. Every blink, bump and blemish
becomes evidence that there is indeed
something wrong with you.

You begin to ask yourself and others if you look sick,
and it isn’t long before you really do begin looking ill.
Your body soon accepts the reality that has been created
of being sick - rewarding you with the symptoms and illness.

This is not new information.
We’ve long had cases where perfectly healthy people were convinced
that they weren’t healthy and soon developed symptoms of the illness
they were purported to have. The words said to us by ourselves and
others have a profound and very real effect on us, which is to say
that the words we hear directly affect our very lives.

So here we are in the third month of the year two thousand and nine.
I think it is safe to say that we are in a crisis.
After all, didn’t our very own President – the leader of the
most powerful country on earth tell us this just a month ago?
“A failure to act, and act now, will turn crisis into a catastrophe.”
(kudos to his speech writers, by the way – I enjoy well crafted phrases :) )

How long ago did we hear that we were in a recession?
I think that started several years ago. And oh sure – many in “power”
denied it – but the seed had been planted, repeated often enough
and finally accepted by us. You know; “We the people”. That us.
So naturally we acted as if we were in a recession, and
the evidence came forth to support it; and we all smiled
at ourselves for being responsible and taking action.

And now that we are experiencing such tumultuous economic times:
we are rolling up our sleeves again. And once again we are creating the
very chaos that we hope to cure. Everywhere I turn I hear media sources
espousing these “tough economic times” as if there were a reward for it.
Their efforts are paying off, because even at work I am hearing phrases like:
“times are tough” “in this economy” “in times like these”
“an economy like this” “with the economy like it is”
“in these tough economic times” “with the economy the way it is”
And with every breath; every word uttered,
we reinforce it – and make it so.

I am surely no Pollyanna; nor an optimist without a sense of reality.
(* The following might sound political only because many of the
words can be found within the camps of the politically minded.)

The salvation we seek in these “troubled times” will not come from any bailout
or “package”. The quick fixes and short term solutions created to appease a
majority of short sighted and impatient individuals will consistently cause
many times more harm than any amount of temporary healing.
(For those who need a visual example, try putting out a fire by throwing gasoline on it)

We will create the economy we experience
by the efforts and energies we put into it.
It will not come from a press release.
It will not be handed down from on high.

If you are looking for a green light – you’ve got it: GO SUCCEED!!!
 Y O U  can and will
make a contribution
to not only your own life
but to the lives of those around you
by creating it within the words you speak.

Choose your words carefully – please.


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