TODAY: a Reflection of Yesterday?


If you find yourself often
achieving undesirable results in Life,
look at the decisions you’ve made.
When you made them,
most likely they seemed like
a good idea at the time -
much like the ones
you make today… Right?

Maybe you should ask yourself;
“What am I basing this decision on?”

How far out of your own self are you stepping;
and have you looked at it objectively and unattached??
Keep in mind that you only know what you know,
and What you don’t know – you don’t know:
And… you don’t know you don’t know it!

Chances are if your decision feels comfortable and familiar
it’s time to look again and stretch yourself;
expanding the options you choose from.

Remember: Doing things as you’ve always done
will bring you what you’ve always gotten…


If today is just a
reflection of yesterday
and the day before
and the day before
and the day before -
it may be time to change your view…


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