WHO am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question that has been asked of me
in many ways recently from many different voices,
starting first as a whisper – growing into a
heart-wrenching cry that will not be silenced.

The temptation is to look back in our life and weigh
our experiences and our past – as if who we are is the
sum total of where we have been and been through;
placing our value and our worth on that which has no
power or reach into the present except what we allow.… —-> Continue…

Sometimes the greatest gift…


Sometimes the greatest gift
you can give to others is to
let them be themselves…

Just pretend I’m not here…

help-me-girl-350-bI get it.
It was early afternoon.
Broad daylight. A lot of traffic.
A man near the corner traffic light where I was stopped
was trying to wrap a blanket around himself to stay warm.
He was standing next to a building that had a slight
inset where he could huddle from the wind and cold.… —-> Continue…

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