I’m glad you made it here!

I’ve been waiting to ask you:
Have you ever wondered if there might be something
more to Life or something more worthy OF your Life
than what your day after day brings?
Have you ever wanted to do something
extraordinary with your Life here on Earth?

What if…living your Life IS the
biggest thing you could do with it?
Then the real question becomes;
are you living your Life?
What are you doing with the day by day
and the moment by moments that you receive?

Because at some point,
the priorities of your Life need to reflect the path
of your dreams and desires; your passions and Purpose.
And this, I believe, is the statement that if you can truly understand
and embrace it for yourself will cause your Life to be transformed:

The one truth to face is that
there is nothing of tangible significance
that separates the most successful from the most desperate.
What really holds you back… is

This collection of thoughts is dynamic in content as
it is in design and will continue to change & evolve.
The goal is to bring you, in and between the lines,
both the inspiration and building blocks
to create a Life worthy of your life…


Happy New Year! It’s up to you… every day

calendar-your-year1So here we are:

Now I know
a lot of people around
the new year have spent
time making resolutions
to finding solutions to
those things that weren’t
quite so right last year.
A new year -
what better time
for a fresh start, right?

—-> Continue…

SUCCESS on a foundation of Failures

That we so often see more of the “proof”
that says “not worthy” rather than the reality
and Truth that we ARE abundantly worthy
can be such a tug of war in belief.

We want to believe we can have it all -
that the desires and wants of our heart mind and soul
will be beyond fulfilled… yet our mind plays tricks,and gives us
all too believable evidence that we will never have it.… —-> Continue…


We seek the comfortable and convenient, while we
yearn for safety in the still waters of complacency.
We hide from conflict and adversity as we search
for the easier way, never rocking the boat.
We live the lie that this… THIS… is Life.… —-> Continue…

I see great people… What do you see?

Last week I’m at the store walking
around an aisle when all of a sudden,
a line from a movie pops in my head;

“I see dead people,
only they don’t know they’re dead.”

(this is my paraphrased version -
I haven’t seen the movie in 7+ years)

To which my mind echoed back this,
and it’s been haunting me ever since:

“I see great people,
only they don’t know they’re great…”

It took me a week to write this piece
because I don’t know how to convince
someone who doesn’t already know it.… —-> Continue…

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