It may not be the Gift, but the Gateway…


The things we do for
and share with others
may not be the Gift,
but instead the Gateway
to directing them to it…



Sometimes it takes a tragedy…

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to cause us
to take hold of our lives and create triumph.

From the rumble of toppled buildings
to crushed & shattered dreams and hopes;
where we go from here all starts at a beginning.

Do we rebuild from rubble with the same anger,
greed, hate and self centered agenda that brought
them down – brought Us down – in the first place?… —-> Continue…

Take hold of it…


In some hour of the day, I pray
that we catch a glimmer of the
power and potential that seethes
just under the surface of what
we think we’re capable of…
And in that moment –
          take hold of it
                     and change the World.—-> Continue…

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