I Dare You to LIVE!


We seek the comfortable and convenient, while we
yearn for safety in the still waters of complacency.
We hide from conflict and adversity as we search
for the easier way, never rocking the boat.
We live the lie that this… THIS… is Life.

Why have we believed it’s OK to be
mere shadows of what we can be?
When will we finally shatter this illusion?
What is your wake up call going to be?

I fear it is that you do not believe that
you were created for bigger things;
that there is no greater purpose for your Life
than to merely exist and get by day after day -
and that THIS… is just how Life is.

I defy you to face the fact
that you are better than that.
I dare you to break the shell
of the shallow and dig deep into
what you might be capable of
if you stopped believing the lies.

Are you willing to?
Will you?

Come on… I dare you!


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