In Between the Chords of Life


My son and I were listening to a live
rendition of a song called “Need You Now”.
I told him that I like to hear the sound
of the fingers as they move across the
strings looking for the next chord.
He says; “Me, too.
It makes it sound more authentic.”
I smiled, then I laughed. I don’t think at the
age of 13 I ever heard of the word “authentic”
outside of a Tostidos(?) commercial talking about
their chips being made with authentic corn(??).
It wasn’t until about 30 years ago that the word
was introduced to me as a way of being.
*** But NOT to get off topic!!!
Moving the fingers across the strings -
the sound it makes between the chords
before hitting the notes we intend to make.
It sounds better, more real, more “authentic”.

Kind of like you and I, isn’t it?
We go through life trying to do the things
we want to do, what we need to do -
trying to hit those intended notes.
Yet there are all these little drags and
bumps and slides along the way – things
that are not THE notes we wanted to hit;
things that weren’t wanted in our “music”.
And yet, in their own way they add a certain
score that ties it all together;
the perfect with the imperfect -
both the wanted and unwanted.
People don’t want only our “perfect”.
You will never truly know another
if all you look for and listen to
are the notes they hit exactly right.
There is nothing real or authentic
about hiding the downs and outs -
only showing the home runs.
We are human; we falter. We fail.
And we make beautiful music when
we can show our true selves;
with every wonderful scratch
along the strings of Life…

So, play for me – You 


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