Sometimes It Takes a Tragedy…


Sometimes it takes a tragedy to cause us
to take hold of our lives and create triumph.

From the rumble of toppled buildings
to crushed & shattered dreams and hopes;
where we go from here all starts at a beginning.

Do we rebuild from rubble with the same anger,
greed, hate and self centered agenda that brought
them down – brought Us down – in the first place?

Are we to hold on forever to those things gone by that
would keep us grounded from taking the steps forward
to a future filled with hope… with peace… with a Love
that leads to real and remaining progress?

Until we move on from the memories that serve to
remind us of our failures – that constantly renew
our fears and tear our hearts as they try and mend;
we will ever remain blind to the beauty and
the blessings that surround us every day.

Yesterday – all of them – are behind us.
Do not live there. Do not stay there.
Gather from them those things that lift you up
and inspire you to move forward and ahead -
not give you further cause to go back.

Stop pointing at the events passed and blaming them
for where you are, how you feel and what you do.
The rut you’ve created by always going back to the past
is making it harder and harder for you to choose
and create a better path for your Life.

Let this day be a turning point from
those things familiar that confine you,
and open your eyes and arms to see and
receive the treasures of today that are here…

Today IS
your day;
Now is

Never forget it… and never forget.

dedicated to those lost and the losses of 9-11-2001

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