What are you bringing to the table?

In Life, everybody brings something to the table.

What are you bringing to the table ?

How is it “feeding” those around you ???

I’m going to make this short.

Picture a long dining table – adorned with
the finest china, the most exquisite silverware.
Seated at this table are people you know -
those you care about, friends, family…

And you walk in
carrying the main dish;
the feast of this great Fest !

You pull the lid off, and begin pouring manure
and sewage all over the table and your guests.

How many of you think anyone would like this,
let alone the honored guests who care about you ?

When you share gossip, spread rumors
and have nothing good or nice to say -
this is what you are doing.

That’s about as pretty as I can state it,
and don’t think that people – no matter how
much they may love and care about you
don’t find themselves sometimes wishing
just for once you’d have something nice to say.

So that’s it – I said it was short !

Learn to feed those around you
with that which would nourish them
and help them to become better & stronger.
Give them something to pull them up,
not push them down in the mud.

What you’ll find is that
the more good you have to share
the more good you will have to keep…

Just some food for thought from MY table ;)



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