Are you ready? When will you be?


Wouldn’t it be great
if 5 years from now you could look at Monday May 12, 2014
as the day that changed your Life – the day that you decided
to finally put more energy and faith into your beliefs
than you do your fears, doubts, and excuses.… —-> Continue…

Your AMAZING Life begins… NOW!


Yesterday I posed the question – dare I say a challenge
to create Monday May 12, 2014 as a day that would
change your Life; a day that you finally decide to
put more energy and faith into your beliefs than
you do your fears, doubts, and excuses.… —-> Continue…

Live Happily Ever After; Before, and During…

I thought I’d switch gears here,
and talk about “relationships”.

So, this whole boy / girl / love thing -
let’s skip past the first part (meeting).

Let’s talk about the fall…

What I’ve observed is that the first months
of any relationship both parties are really
pouring on the charm & pulling out the stops
while at the same time throwing out little “tests”
for the other person to see how they’ll react.… —-> Continue…

Are you unreasonable with Life?

The other night I found myself in a Shari’s
I had never been before, and was inspired
by an example of living unreasonably.
There was a man & woman sitting at the booth
diagonally across from me, and I couldn’t help
but be inspired when she ordered.… —-> Continue…

What if you only had one shot?

“Look, if you had one shot,
or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted;
One moment -
Would you capture it,
or just let it slip?”

It’s been a few years since this song hit the scene;
“Lose Yourself” (Buy the Original or Clean version)

So let’s get one thing straight -
this whole “If you had one shot”;

I want to know how many of you believe this.… —-> Continue…

I was there, this is where I am. Here are my shoes.


Many years ago I heard a story
about a letter Abraham Lincoln
had written to one of his generals
at some point during the Civil War.
From what I recall, the general had
been hesitant at a time when
immediate decisive action was
needed to achieve a victory,
and because of his delays and
decisions a defeat seemed eminent.… —-> Continue…

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