Look behind the mask; See beyond the smile…

In light of recent events,
I’d like to pull back a bit from perception
and take a good look at the reality around us.
In particular – the people in & about our lives.
Whether they live in mansions or mud huts,
everyone has needs that aren’t being met.… —-> Continue…

Writus Interruptus…


What do you care about?


What do you care about?

Does it show?

Getting you to say “Thank you”


It’s easy to be grateful
for those things in Life that
bring happiness, joy and peace.
Yet imagine the greater power of
being thankful for what has hurt us,
angered us, and brought us to our
knees in sadness, pain, and defeat.… —-> Continue…

ATTENTION: for those playing a bigger game

Let us brainstorm.

Like-minded individuals who have a real stake in the
game of Life and want to do what they can to make it
better today and for generations to come are invited to join.


HOW TO BE HEARD and have people listen to you

Do people listen to you?

Stop being ignored – Get their attention
Stop being dismissed – Gain their respect
Stop being overlooked – Grab their interest

Find out what roadblocks keep you from
being able to effectively communicate
with others and how to overcome them.
—-> Continue…

Sometimes… a little goes a long way

I’d like you to watch this video:


I’ve noticed this both from observation
and from being on both sides of the fence -
there are far more who give not from abundance,
but from a place of compassion and understanding.… —-> Continue…

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