Who Really Holds the Power?

PresidentialSeal-350On January 20. 2017 the 45th President of the
United States of America took over the Oval Office.

Regardless of the outcome of the election,
there is one thing that still holds true;

The power is in the People.

As long as we continue to be divided,
we will always be pawns to those in power.
You wanted change? What did YOU do to change it?
You want to make America great… again?!?
What will YOU do to discover and BE great??
BE powerful – stop being puppets to ANYONE.

Your race, religion, gender, or any other label
you’ve allowed to be stuck on you and used to
make you think you’re weaker or somehow less
than – peel it off. Who convinced you to wear it?
Who made you believe it? More importantly;
— Why do you think they did???

If you accept that you are somehow underprivileged,
deserve better, should have more, treated unfairly,
are discriminated against, and deserve more respect;
that YOU are the one keeping that in place by
accepting it as a truth – it will never change.
You will continue to seek and find evidence to
support it and fight anyone who would tell
you different til your last dying breath.

Once you see who you are
and what you’re capable of;
YOU will finally be the one
pulling the strings in your Life.