Are you just killing time?

By the time you had your 1st Birthday
(Happy belated Birthday !) the earth
spun around the sun and you passed
the 31,536,000 second mark.

Over an average lifetime,
that’s 2,112,912,000 seconds !!!

Just think about it -
TWO BILLION seconds.
You’ve got all kinds of time !

35,215,200 minutes to do whatever you want.

586,920 hours to do with what you will.

24,455 days to just… do whatever

3,493 weeks to live the dream

804 months – Que Sera Sera !

67 years to… The End.

How did we get to such a small number?
The average person in this world lives
to ride this merry Go Round 67 times.

Now, we probably won’t be doing a whole lot of
individual thinking & planning for at least 15 years.
Parents & politics (schooling) will be doing that for us.
So, really, we’re down to 52 years.
Ah, but “we” – WE, as in You and Me;
heck, if you’re reading this I’d be amazed if you
aren’t at LEAST 20; surprised if you are under 30.

Now, I am using a calculator to figure all of this -
which means we can safely say that we’re
now down to 37 spins on the Weeeeeorld.

That’s… not a lot of candles.

A few weeks ago (about 1209600 seconds ago) I heard
someone say typically after work they just like to go home
and “Kill time” watching T.V. until it’s time for dinner.

And…. I just couldn’t…
I could not get my mind into a mode where I could
just allow time to simply pass by without Life.

Killing time.
That to me is something that might be said
of someone on death row; just killing time:
waiting for time to pass before The End.

How can anyone live and breathe on the
same planet I am and simply… kill time?
With only 37 more free dinners at IHOP !

What is it we’re focusing on and
how blind are we that killing time
is just something “normal” we do ?

What are we listening to
that we don’t hear the needs
of others… and ourselves ?

Don’t be casual about the moments you have left;
don’t waste your Life by merely “killing time”.

Turn off the music,
stop looking in the mirror;
Look… Listen…

now   L I V E !