Are you unreasonable with Life?

The other night I found myself in a Shari’s
I had never been before, and was inspired
by an example of living unreasonably.
There was a man & woman sitting at the booth
diagonally across from me, and I couldn’t help
but be inspired when she ordered.

She was a redhead.
Oh, maybe not originally -
we’re talking about the kind of red
inspired by “Hey – I like fire trucks
and WOW – I want THAT color red !!!”

She ordered waffles, and she Wanted
her waffles crisp. Crisp. CRISP.
The waitress said there was a timer on the
cooker, so she wasn’t sure if they could
cook them long enough for them to “crisp”.
The woman said to have them bypass the timer or
reset the time & start over – whatever it took.
Then let her know that if they were NOT crisp,
that she would be sending them back.
Now, none of this was said in a mean or
demanding way, yet it was stated firmly.
Almost matter-of-factly, as if she did not
expect there to be a problem, and understood
it may seem like an uncommon request.

When the waffles finally arrived,
they were met with hearty approval.

Toward the end, while her male companion was
in the bathroom, she asked the waitress for
the bill, then asked if she would just run
the credit card and bring back the receipts.
(The cashier station where bills are to be
paid are located up front by the entrance/exit)

When her friend got back to the table and
asked where the bill was – she said it was
taken care of and not to worry about it.
He started to protest, but one more
“Don’t worry about it – it’s done.” and
his protests trailed off into “Thank you.”

The timing of this was just awesome -
and it just reminded me again that
if we never ask, we’ll never get:
and if we shoot for the stars
we might just get the moon…




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