Sometimes… a little goes a long way

I’d like you to watch this video:


I’ve noticed this both from observation
and from being on both sides of the fence -
there are far more who give not from abundance,
but from a place of compassion and understanding.
Meanwhile, those who live a more self serving Life,
pass by in apparent apathy and near disdain
for those who are at a low place in their Life.
I can’t even tell you how often I’ve given the
last few dollars in my pocket to someone
because I knew it would make a difference.
Sure, temporarily it may have been an inconvenience.
So what? I know it will come back another way.
We shouldn’t see those around us in need as an
“inconvenience”. For God’s sake – they are the
SAME as you and I. Just different choices and
circumstance, and you and I would be there with them.

We can all do so much to change both the situation
and more importantly the mindset of those who are
down and out, needy and can’t seem to stand on their own.

Stop worrying about what you think you can’t do -
and do what you CAN. Showing that you care
enough to reach out to them can be enough to
shift their entire Life in a meaningful & powerful way.

And for those who already do -
keep being an example of inspiration





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