SUCCESS on a foundation of Failures

That we so often see more of the “proof”
that says “not worthy” rather than the reality
and Truth that we ARE abundantly worthy
can be such a tug of war in belief.

We want to believe we can have it all -
that the desires and wants of our heart mind and soul
will be beyond fulfilled… yet our mind plays tricks,and gives us
all too believable evidence that we will never have it.
Not only are we reminded of past failures – but we have
been convinced that an experience WAS a failure.
One of the biggest breakthroughs we can have
is to face that our lives are filled with experiences -
that none of them have a label attached
except the one we put on them.

Why can’t it simply be an experience that did not meet our expectation?
Why does that have to be a negative thing?
And why do we believe that similar circumstances
have to meet with the same kind of result?
Do you realize that most of our successes in Life
are built upon a foundation of “failures”?

We too often carry in front of us the pictures of our “failures” -
barely able to see around them to the reality that IS…
because we’re too busy worrying about what has been.
So great is our concern over not repeating past “mistakes”
we are rarely present to the Gift of every moment
and the opportunities that abound in them.

What excites and inspires me
are the glimpses of what Life has to offer
and is ours to embrace once we accept
that the only thing that stands in the way
is believing it isn’t for us.

The thing to come to grips with is that we will
cause a reality that we believe we deserve.
If problems persist in our lives – we’re running that program.
Do we mean to? No. We’d love nothing better than to break that record.
(To a degree, because there is also something to be said about familiarity and comfort zones.)
Our minds are a miracle – always underestimated in potential.
Every day we’re making decisions on levels we are not aware of
and causing actions that have both short term and long term affects on our life.
Have you ever had times in your life where things were going uncomfortably well?
It won’t be long until you’ll find yourself back where you “belong”,
thanks to consciously imperceptible thoughts, decisions, and actions.
Whew! Back into the comfort zone of your self-worth; the old familiar you…

I don’t know what it will take for you
to see yourself beyond your “faults”.
I don’t know how to make you realize
you aren’t merely the sum of your “failures”.
But the sooner you become mindful of the moment
and stop running on autopilot, the more clearly you will see
that you can move your life in the direction you really want
rather the one you feel you deserve and expect…