What if 1 in 5 people could change your Life?


Chances are if you tell 5 people about something you want,
one of those people can bring you closer to getting it -
either directly or knowing someone else that can.
(It’s that whole 5 degrees of separation concept that
we hear about yet rarely ever take action on.)

So what I would like to do is help you get one step closer.

Let’s really take a look at this -
I’m not writing this as some observation or
thought provoking idea to tuck away & forget.

Brass tacks gang – seriously !

You do not know everyone that I know,
just as I do not know everyone you know.
AND when it comes to the people you and I know -
we don’t know everyone or everything they know !!!

Now before we both get dizzy here,
the only thing to keep in mind is this:
You don’t know what you don’t know,
and you don’t know who you don’t know.

So you don’t know where and from whom help may come,
nor is it likely you’ll even know what it will look like.

Got it ?

Good :)

Now, if you’re serious about this -
you tell me something that you want
that til now has just seemed out of reach,
or some challenge or problem in your Life
that you cannot overcome.

Now, at some point I should mention this:

If we actually find solutions to our problems
and eliminate the roadblocks to our success and what we want;
we will run out of excuses, and have only ourselves to blame.

Where as…
If we continue to avoid taking real and affirmative action,
we can always talk about our dreams, goals and aspirations
to gain the attention – without really having to work for them.

I’m just throwing that out there for those who talk the talk
but will not walk the walk when it comes to changing their Life.
(You’re not alone – my own life is peppered with such things)

All right – for those of you left:
this could be the most rewarding experience of your Life.

Now it’s your turn to share.
Leave your comment – expect a miracle…