What will save you?

The story has been told about a man
who was at home taking a nap,
when suddenly there was a frantic
pounding on his front door.
Opening the door, a young boy
hurriedly informed him that a flood
was coming and that he needed
to evacuate immediately.

The man thought for a moment, then replied
“Don’t worry, son – God will save me.”
The boy shook his head and ran off to the next house.

Sure enough, the waters came pouring down the street and
it wasn’t too long before it had risen to a dangerous height.
But out of nowhere, a guy rolls right up to the house in his
little fishing boat and yells through the windows;
“HEY!!!, you’ve got to get out of there now.
The dam’s gonna break any minute !”
And… the man replied “Thanks, but God will save me!”
Off went the boat to pick up less stubborn hold outs.

Within the hour, sure enough – the dam broke free and by
this time the man was on his rooftop, clutching the chimney.
Over the roar of the waters came a louder sound; a helicopter!
The co-pilot yelled through a bullhorn as he began lowering a sling;
“Grab the rope – we’ve got to get you out of here!”
To which the man yelled back;
“Don’t worry ! God willllll…”
and then he was swept off the roof by a wave, and drowned.

Well, when this man made it to the
pearly gates of Heaven – he was ticked !

He made his way to the Throne and said;
“God ! I trusted you to save me – all my life I’ve trusted you;
and yet I lost everything, even my life.
Why, God – WHY ?!?!?”

And God said;
“I sent you a messenger,
I sent you a boat.
I even sent you a helicopter.

All right, my friends both met and unmet;
when the storms of Life rise to meet you -
are you blindly looking for YOUR solution?

Do you continually overlook that which does not
resemble what you were hoping would rescue you?

As one who has the personality trait of being a “rescuer”
and someone who has to “fix” everything – you’d better
believe that I haven’t made it this far in Life without finding
all kinds of answers to the many challenges people have.
And there are few things more frustrating to me
than to see people – good people, fumble their way
through their challenges “their” way -
because that’s what’s familiar.

News flash:
common actions bring common results,
which typically bring you more of the same
that you already have – which is not what you want !

The horse and buggy may have been the way to travel
before 1910, but if you want to get anywhere these days -
you’d better drive a car.

“I don’t know how to drive a car”

“I have so much invested in horses”
-Continually pouring your resources into an
antiquated ‘vehicle’ is not investing, it is wasting.

“But I like horses”
-Enjoy misery

Sounds a bit harsh, doesn’t it ?
But really – people will fight tooth and nail against
that which does not fit into their “mold” of
what answers and solutions are.

News flash;
if they had the solution
they wouldn’t be having the challenges.

It all boils down to fear.
And more specifically, fear of the unknown / fear of change.

So if the solution to a challenge is unfamiliar, it is typically feared.
And fear is an intangible emotion that has no
direct control over what we can or cannot do.
That is worth repeating.

Fear is an intangible emotion
that has no direct control over
what we can or cannot do.

I’m going to end with that.
We live in a changing world.
Be open to it, accept it, and build on it.
Because I’m willing to bet you’ve had
at least one messenger in your Life,
and probably a boat or two.

Are you waiting for a helicopter?
A hydroplane?? Maybe a hovercraft???