About your balanced Life – Part 2

The other day I was talking
about moderation and balance.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read it,
you’re going to want to do that FIRST -
otherwise a few pieces of this puzzle
are going to be missing, and I’m sure
both of us want to see the whole picture.

About your balanced Life

OK, did you read it ?  Proceed if you did.
Don’t cheat & don’t short change yourself.
If you do it here, you probably do it in other
areas of your Life as well – and we both
know that isn’t serving you, trust me!

So a great deal of this is going to revolve
around health, because it’s an easier
connection to make and see – yet it
applies to every part of your being.

There is a great deal to weigh in your Life
when it comes to balance and moderation
that most people don’t factor in because
they either don’t see it, realize it, or know
it exists. And just as I mentioned previously -
you will be affected by these things regardless
of whether you are aware of them or not.

If I live in a house with a well that has been
contaminated with high levels of pesticide
and I don’t know it – I am still being poisoned.
It is still affecting me.

If I am a child who doesn’t know
what an electrical outlet is -
I will still get electrocuted
if I stick my finger in it.

So much for ignorance is bliss ;)

And you know what?

As a child or adult, KNOWING that I will
get shocked if I stick my finger into an
eletrical outlet WILL STILL SHOCK ME
if I choose to put my finger in the outlet!

Just the KNOWING isn’t enough,
because you and I both do things
that we know we know we know
we shouldn’t do or be doing.

Those often  become categorized as
the “balance” of things against what we
believe we should do and are doing.

You know how it goes.
I’m having this piece of cheesecake
because I had a salad with my dinner.

Moderation in all things, right?

What we don’t “see” is how much
of everything else we’ve consumed
has been stacking up on the unhealthy
side of our scale without us realizing it.

Trust me – what the average person eats
in a day IS a dessert of fats, sugars, and
virtual cornucopia of harmful substances
and chemicals masquerading as food.

The piece of cheesecake, taken innocently
in “moderation” and seen only as that little
bit of “balance” could very well prove to be
the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Someone who smokes a pack a day
usually isn’t taking into consideration
all of the other carcinogens they are
subjecting themselves to on top of it.
Most people don’t think about their
daily environment as potentially toxic.
Yet from clothing to car parts,
furniture to pharmaceuticals – if it’s
been processed or manufactured
there is a high probability that
it is impacting your Life.

It would be far too inconvenient to
our way of Life if impact studies
had to be done on everything we
made contact with or were in the
proximity of on any given day.

Do you like that new car smell?
That would be the gasses and chemicals
still being output from the plastics, rubber,
vinyl, carpeting, foam, paint, and other
materials that surround you in the car.
And you are inhaling it with every breath.
Oh, and don’t forget the air “freshener”.
There is nothing “fresh” about chemicals
being used to disguise other odors.
This goes for your home, too.
Do you read the ingredients on your
deodorizing and cleaning arsenal?
Commercials have us believe our lives
would be much happier if only we would
spritz and spray their aromatic products.
Here’s an acid test I doubt most would try.
Would you drink your household cleaners?
Perhaps in a chilled mug alongside a plate
of pulled pork, or in a wine glass with your
medium rare filet mignon and grilled onions.
So many choices… We need a menu!

Let’s take a moment and think about
everything we come into contact with
from the moment we wake up
to when we finally fall asleep.

Wake up.
Breathe in the molds and germs that your
cleaners and deodorizers are covering up.

Take a shower with water that is at the very
least chlorine and flouride contaminated, using
soaps, body wash, shampoo, conditioner, and
various lotions & potions that require a degree to
pronounce, let alone understand`their properties.

Brush your teeth with flouride treated toothpaste,
finishing off your oral cleansing with a minty
mouthwash whose ingredients contain at
least a dozen 3+ syllable  words – none
of them resembling the word “mint”.

Put on your pit stick A.K.A. deodorant /
antiperspirant (Don’t let them see you sweat!)
and don’t pay attention to the fact that there
is probably aluminum in your deodorant,
among with several other chemicals that
you are rubbing directly onto your skin with
the full intent of leaving there on your skin
until you take a shower the next morning,
where you will again repeat the ritual.
Wait. Haven’t there been many studies
done that link aluminum to Alzheimers?
Intriguing.  And Alzheimers has been
on the increase for how many years?
I wonder if there could be a connection
to the introduction of aluminum into
our “health & beauty” supplies…
Speaking of breast cancer;
we weren’t but – but now we are
so didn’t that work our just great!
Am I the only person who wonders
if the daily application of chemicals
onto the largest organ of the body,
especially in close proximity to the
breast, might have anything to do with
the ever rising breast cancer rates. (?)
(In case you missed that trivia question,
your SKIN is the largest organ of the body)

Think about that.
Really consider the things that you are
spraying, rubbing, and allowing to soak
onto your skin and INTO your body.
Because it is.  FYI.
Oh, and don’t forget cologne & manly musks.
Hair gels, hair spray, (secret) hair colouring,
shaving creams, after shave, deodorants.
Perfumes & body sprays. Make-up products
such as foundation, eyeliner, mascara,
eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, lip balm.
Lotions, potions, oils, creams…
and many more lotions :)P

after your morning embalming process, it’s
finally time to put something INTO your body!
(Aside from the chemicals you’ve been inhaling)

Which will have to wait until part 3.

This is just getting good -
and I hope some of this is really
beginning to sink in and make you
take a look at what you are exposing
yourself to and being exposed to unknowingly.

Because it’s affecting you.

It really is…