WHO am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question that has been asked of me
in many ways recently from many different voices,
starting first as a whisper – growing into a
heart-wrenching cry that will not be silenced.

The temptation is to look back in our life and weigh
our experiences and our past – as if who we are is the
sum total of where we have been and been through;
placing our value and our worth on that which has no
power or reach into the present except what we allow.

Is that who you are?

Is that who I am?

Because… if who I am is to be dictated by a past
filled with mistakes, pain, suffering, failures, and
an endless myriad of broken dreams and hopes -
-   I don’t want to be me.

Who am I?

I am a man
who awoke this morning
with a choice to make.

I could set my feet on the floor
the same old way as the day before -
walking within the same familiar rutted path,
seeing and being similar to my previous days past.

Or begin the day with eyes set to a new vision:
my Life a fresh start with every breath a gift of Love,
and at the end of the day my footsteps being dictated and
determined by my being in and creating the present I choose.

A thousand times, a thousand ways over a thousand days

Who I am
is who I determine to be
and throw my passion behind -
Who I am
is who I will settle for being.


Who you are is not to determined by the
leftovers at the end of a long list of failures.

How long will you cower behind excuses and reasons
that continue to keep your power and potential hidden?

How many walls will you throw up to fend off the
imagined foe that is uncertainty and the unfamiliar,
and how long will you be trapped behind them?

Afraid of repeating the past,
you never live in the present -
and you give up happiness
that you might not get hurt.

Hear me out, if ever you had ears to hear -
if ever you would look beyond the reflection
of the past you see in the mirror and
catch the vision I know is there;

Sunrise is another chance for you to rise
up and beyond the darkness of your doubts.
It’s a new day to start again -
and your day to not be denied.

Who am I?