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What do you have to fear?

I remember I had bought
candy bars for the other kids
in class the day they had the
school dance back in grade school.

I left the candy bars on their desks,
and tape recorded the dance while
I hid under a desk – afraid to go into
the gym where the dance was being held.… —-> Continue…

SUCCESS on a foundation of Failures

That we so often see more of the “proof”
that says “not worthy” rather than the reality
and Truth that we ARE abundantly worthy
can be such a tug of war in belief.

We want to believe we can have it all -
that the desires and wants of our heart mind and soul
will be beyond fulfilled… yet our mind plays tricks,and gives us
all too believable evidence that we will never have it.… —-> Continue…

WHAT IF you gave your all?



There is a question that I must ask you…
I feel like it has to be just the right question
or else the answer -
the real answer
will never be found.

So, I’m going to throw a few of the many not “right” ones
out there in an effort to find just the right one :)

What would you rather be doing?… —-> Continue…

About your balanced Life – PART 1


I think it was Ben Franklin who said;
“All things in moderation”.all-things-in-moderation-MT2

I have found this to be
great wisdom and advice,
and also used quite a
bit as a justification.

Similarly when we hear
that we should keep a
healthy balance in our Life -
what is missing in these sage
bits of understanding is the knowing
what exactly is being weighed in.… —-> Continue…

Is it time to get rid of your TV yet?


Every so often when I take
the time away from Life to
visit a moment with the reality
that is portrayed on television -
I see why so many people use it
as an escape the the real World.
It explains and reveals in so many
ways how disconnected, misled,
disillusioned, and apathetic
this country has become.… —-> Continue…

Are you unreasonable with Life?

The other night I found myself in a Shari’s
I had never been before, and was inspired
by an example of living unreasonably.
There was a man & woman sitting at the booth
diagonally across from me, and I couldn’t help
but be inspired when she ordered.… —-> Continue…

Being good to yourself… A good start!

I’m beginning to see something.
The fortunes inside fortune cookies are being written
by people who have a vested interest in cookie sales.
For example, today’s Fortune Cookie message:

” Be good to yourself. Dessert
three times per week is OK.
—-> Continue…

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