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No Matter What the Moments Bring


Being open to the opportunity
that every encounter and
experience has to offer

Looking back upon so much that
at the time seemed such trash -
now seen for the treasure it was;
a Gift instead of garbage.

This is our Life – make it a love,
no matter what the moments bring;
cherish that you were here for them…


Finding the rainbow…


I’m trying to find the rainbow here -
because I know there is one to be found if I look hard enough!
While the boys volunteered at a Flag folding ceremony at a
church in Portland for their Memorial Day service, my wife
and I decided to grab breakfast at a place she and
her oldest son had frequented many times.… —-> Continue…

Is your best good enough?


Is your best good enough?

This is the question I asked when I saw
a photo of a Young Marine recruit who
was giving it his all in a foot race.

His eyes were closed, face clenched
in a grimace of pain and determination;
going all out where others might give up.… —-> Continue…

Because that’s what there is to do


It’s after midnight, and
by all rights I should go to sleep.
But then again, some things can’t wait.
Ever since last night a line
has been repeating itself
over and over in my head.

“There are bigger things at work here…”

It’s a line (or close to it) from
one of the Spider Man movies.… —-> Continue…

This will hurt me… more than it will hurt you

I was a bit choked up that night
after I put my son to bed and we’d
kissed each other goodnight.
I almost made it to the door
when his little voice said
“I love you, Dad”

Looking back at the morning’s events,
I’d carried a heavy heart through the day.… —-> Continue…

Your AMAZING Life begins… NOW!


Yesterday I posed the question – dare I say a challenge
to create Monday May 12, 2014 as a day that would
change your Life; a day that you finally decide to
put more energy and faith into your beliefs than
you do your fears, doubts, and excuses.… —-> Continue…

What do you care about?


What do you care about?

Does it show?

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