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Focus on the Prize, not the Price…


Things that come easy
are often taken for granted – and lost.
That which we earn by the sweat of our brow
and the sharpness of our mind are kept close -
yielding a far richer Life worth much more
than the sacrifices we have made…
Focus on the Prize,
not the price…

Christmas… shoes and Spirit

Whenever I used to call
someone on the phone
I would ask them;
“Is this a good
time to call ?”
or “Did I catch you
at a good time ?”

Now – I’m not exactly on the phone with you, but still…
Did I catch you at a good time ?… —-> Continue…

I see great people… What do you see?

Last week I’m at the store walking
around an aisle when all of a sudden,
a line from a movie pops in my head;

“I see dead people,
only they don’t know they’re dead.”

(this is my paraphrased version -
I haven’t seen the movie in 7+ years)

To which my mind echoed back this,
and it’s been haunting me ever since:

“I see great people,
only they don’t know they’re great…”

It took me a week to write this piece
because I don’t know how to convince
someone who doesn’t already know it.… —-> Continue…

Thank You for being my Friend

You know that supposedly unwritten rule
that says you don’t date your best friend’s ex ?
Well, in high school I was introduced to
my best friend’s girlfriend’s best friend.
(That’s a mouth full)

And as it happens when people
date people who share friendships -
my best friend’s girlfriend would often ask things
about him of me, and I’d inquire the same of her friend.… —-> Continue…

Blindfolds to help you see…


For reasons I have struggled with all week,
what I am about to share has left me divided.
There are two major points that have had a
tug-of-war with my head and neither has won.
What they have done, however is leave shrapnel :)

Now.… —-> Continue…

Take the chance while you still have the choice


My son asked me for a fortune cookie today,
and though I told him they were stale and
unsavory, he wanted one anyway.
It was worth it, because when he opened it up,
this jewel was prize within:

Take the chance while you
    still have the choice.
—-> Continue…

Almost… doesn’t come close

I heard a commercial the other day
that talked about how several people
almost gave a man this or that…
and because of it, he almost
made it through the night alive.

The point of the commercial was this:
Don’t “almost” give.… —-> Continue…

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