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Some things never change…


I was going to start off by saying the revelation I’ve had in
visiting my parents & seeing old friends after too many years
is that I am seen as the same kid I was over 25 years ago.

But… it’s not much of a revelation.… —-> Continue…

Do you have $3 to spare? A priceless lesson…

When I heard the
tapping on the window,
I froze.  It’s dark out,
and I had pulled off the
road into an empty parking
lot of a closed service station
to find out what had fallen
off  of the seat next to me.… —-> Continue…

You should enhance WHAT?!?!?!?

Some time ago, when I was reading a fortune a day
from a large bag of fortune cookies, I found
this little gem inside my crispy treat.

” You should enhance your
feminine side at this time. “

I know.
I KNOW !!!… —-> Continue…

What stops you, and why?


a picture says a thousand words.

So I’m going to let this one do that.

BUT FIRST, I must ask you;

What stops you?

I’m talking about the things you want,
what you desire and wish you had.

What stops you from taking the steps to have them?… —-> Continue…

Live Happily Ever After; Before, and During…

I thought I’d switch gears here,
and talk about “relationships”.

So, this whole boy / girl / love thing -
let’s skip past the first part (meeting).

Let’s talk about the fall…

What I’ve observed is that the first months
of any relationship both parties are really
pouring on the charm & pulling out the stops
while at the same time throwing out little “tests”
for the other person to see how they’ll react.… —-> Continue…

Are you unreasonable with Life?

The other night I found myself in a Shari’s
I had never been before, and was inspired
by an example of living unreasonably.
There was a man & woman sitting at the booth
diagonally across from me, and I couldn’t help
but be inspired when she ordered.… —-> Continue…



Here we are – facing a Happy New Year!

Now, I know a lot of people around the new year have
spent time making resolutions to finding solutions
to things that weren’t quite so right last year.
A new year…
What better time for a fresh start, right?

—-> Continue…

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