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What is YOUR special occasion?

Not too long ago I was listening to a song
I’ve heard many many times before.
It wasn’t a song I particularly like,
but on this day I really heard it.
What stood out for me
was this part of the chorus:

“…a moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this “

Many things came to mind, namely that I couldn’t
think of a moment that I had NOT waited a lifetime for.… —-> Continue…

Are you willing to pay the price?


the most valuable lessons
come at the highest price
and the greatest cost…

Are you willing to pay it?

This is the thought that entered
my mind as I was driving home.
And I almost didn’t share it with you,
because I’ve got too many things that
I “should” be doing.… —-> Continue…

Living with you…

Ever had that sort of gnawing thought
in the back of your mind that something
was passing you by and you couldn’t
quite figure out what?
Sort of like standing on a frozen river;
the part you’re standing on is made from
the very same thing that flows beneath you;
yet one moves on, while the other stays.… —-> Continue…

The Scars of our Life…

The scars of our life
are the score of our living -
evidence that we have risen
from the shadows and fought.
We may not win every battle,
and we will falter, fall, and even fail
in our advances and endeavors.… —-> Continue…

What we know VS what they know…

It occurred to me the other day that at times
I hold too high of expectations for my son.
Actually, it was the other day + 5 years.
I jotted down the thought with the intent on
finishing it sooner than now, but here we are.… —-> Continue…

What if you DID go full out?



Shortly after we sat down on the plane I could feel it, and I knew I had
about a minute before my nice white shirt would soon be splattered red.
Nosebleed. Great. I didn’t plan for that. No napkins, no tissue… No time.… —-> Continue…

If you REALLY know what’s good for you…

One of the reasons I am grateful for the internet is
that it is getting easier and easier for the “average”
person to get answers to the questionable, rather
than having to settle for what is presented to them.
I remember before the Internet came to be, and it
seemed like most people accepted what they saw
on TV or heard on the radio or read in the newspaper
as the best and most accurate information of the day.… —-> Continue…

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