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Hey Dad – Let’s play a game!

I’d rather spend time playing Ping Pong with Dad in the garage.

When I was a kid, we had an Atari set, a Defender & Asteroids arcade game
(actual stand up arcade games!), and a pinball machine in the basement.
We even had satellite TV- one of the first in the area!… —-> Continue…

I see great people… What do you see?

Last week I’m at the store walking
around an aisle when all of a sudden,
a line from a movie pops in my head;

“I see dead people,
only they don’t know they’re dead.”

(this is my paraphrased version -
I haven’t seen the movie in 7+ years)

To which my mind echoed back this,
and it’s been haunting me ever since:

“I see great people,
only they don’t know they’re great…”

It took me a week to write this piece
because I don’t know how to convince
someone who doesn’t already know it.… —-> Continue…

Would you believe this… or not?


What would it take
for you to stop and read this ?

Hear me out.

If it is true that energy
is never destroyed and
merely changes form
that our thoughts are a series
of electrical impulses,
also a form of energy:

What makes you think
I cannot read your mind?… —-> Continue…

How well do your excuses work?

I’m sitting here procrastinating something
that many people actually enjoy.
Singing; more specifically karaoke style.
I found a place in Vancouver that has Karaoke Night,
and was informed that their karaoke begins at 9pm.
It is 9:23 and here I sit typing you !… —-> Continue…

It’s not where you start – but when you get going


So my goal is to keep this short and sweet,
because if I don’t – the point might get lost.

Now, regardless of your religious & spiritual beliefs,
you no doubt get the intent of my photo posted above.

There is no shortage of people who came from
low and humble beginnings and went on
to create great success for themselves.… —-> Continue…


It was a fun night celebrated with friends
that brought me to downtown Portland.
That’s the Oregon one
(pronouned Or-ree-gahn by the out of towners) -
not the one in Maine on the OTHER coast.
It was on the walk back to the car that I saw it.… —-> Continue…


I am conducting an experiment.

If you would like to know what it is -
please drop me a line for details!


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