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How do you save a Life?

How would you feel
if you saved someone’s life ?

No, really.   Quit “multi-tasking”
and give this some serious thought.

Picture whatever scenario you want to:

Pull a person from a burning building
just before the roof caves in.

Perform the Heimlich maneuver on a child
who was choking in a restaurant.… —-> Continue…

Would you have stopped?

It’s dark out and I’m driving with my
son across the 205 bridge from
Portland to Vancouver. Actually,
I’m doing all the driving – his legs
are too short to reach the pedals
and he doesn’t have a license yet.

All of a sudden the car stalls
and the engine stops.… —-> Continue…

Same brain, same mess… Try again?

Do you sometimes find yourself
beating your head against a wall wondering
what you’re doing wrong and why you can’t get it right?
Let’s take a break from head banging for a minute
and consider & contemplate this:

“The same brain that
got you into this mess
isn’t going to get you out.”

I heard that a few weeks ago -
and it just speaks such a clear truth.… —-> Continue…

What is more important?

What are you doing right now
that is more important than changing the World?

That annoying question popped up
for me while I was shaving.
At first I thought it was directed at me -
because at times I find myself caught up
in petty pursuits that have no real
meaning in the big scheme of Life.… —-> Continue…

Sometimes… sometimes you just might hear back











On a business trip in my early days
as a budding entrepreneur, I stopped
at a Shari’s restaurant in Tacoma, WA.
(Shari’s is my favorite 24hr place to hang when
I want to think, write, and think some more) .… —-> Continue…

Make your mark and make it count

make-your-mark-350Do you know why I want more for you?
Do you know why I stay up at night, often
pushing past into the hours of the morning?
Because you can reach more people and make
a bigger difference in this world than I can.… —-> Continue…

How do you want to feel?

Several weeks ago I had fallen quite hard
while running on snow covered concrete.
Not a brilliant thing to do.
Since then both my elbow and shoulders have been a
constant reminder of what happens when moving
body parts meet an immoveable object at high speed.… —-> Continue…

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