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Cast Your Brilliance Forward…



Often the wolves you see before you
are merely shadows of fears gone by,
and you continue seeing them because
you keep shining your light into the past.
Is it no wonder that you travel so timidly,
ever stumbling in a darkened present?

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For Valentine’s Day… something different


For those who do not find themselves celebrating
Valentine’s Day with a significant other,
why not do something… different this year.

Find someone who really needs to feel love – and let them feel loved.

The first part of this may be the hardest – because chances are
you’ve spent a lifetime walking by people who longed to feel loved.… —-> Continue…

What if 1 in 5 people could change your Life?


Chances are if you tell 5 people about something you want,
one of those people can bring you closer to getting it -
either directly or knowing someone else that can.
(It’s that whole 5 degrees of separation concept that
we hear about yet rarely ever take action on.)

So what I would like to do is help you get one step closer.… —-> Continue…



Here we are – facing a Happy New Year!

Now, I know a lot of people around the new year have
spent time making resolutions to finding solutions
to things that weren’t quite so right last year.
A new year…
What better time for a fresh start, right?

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Sometimes the greatest gift…


Sometimes the greatest gift
you can give to others is to
let them be themselves…

How well do your excuses work?

I’m sitting here procrastinating something
that many people actually enjoy.
Singing; more specifically karaoke style.
I found a place in Vancouver that has Karaoke Night,
and was informed that their karaoke begins at 9pm.
It is 9:23 and here I sit typing you !… —-> Continue…

Communication in an assuming world

I’m writing another book.

Now, for the most part, my previous book was

more of a collection of stories with a variety

of different topics – mostly inspirational.

This one is more specific toward

the arena that is communication.

I know – it may not sound as enticing

as 50 Hues of Black and White,

BUT if you had better control of

the communication in your Life -

it could lead to so much more!… —-> Continue…

You can find stories like this and more here in the book "Living for a Lifetime" Get your copy today! cover-LFAL-thumb-sm2