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Take That First Step…

staircase350x350dOver the weekend I ran across this
quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

“You don’t have to see
the whole staircase,
just take the first step.”

When I read this, I pictured a spiral staircase -
one that quickly turned out of sight as it twisted upward.… —-> Continue…

What do you have to fear?

I remember I had bought
candy bars for the other kids
in class the day they had the
school dance back in grade school.

I left the candy bars on their desks,
and tape recorded the dance while
I hid under a desk – afraid to go into
the gym where the dance was being held.… —-> Continue…

What is YOUR special occasion?

Not too long ago I was listening to a song
I’ve heard many many times before.
It wasn’t a song I particularly like,
but on this day I really heard it.
What stood out for me
was this part of the chorus:

“…a moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this “

Many things came to mind, namely that I couldn’t
think of a moment that I had NOT waited a lifetime for.… —-> Continue…

Sometimes the greatest gift…


Sometimes the greatest gift
you can give to others is to
let them be themselves…

Take hold of it…


In some hour of the day, I pray
that we catch a glimmer of the
power and potential that seethes
just under the surface of what
we think we’re capable of…
And in that moment –
          take hold of it
                     and change the World.—-> Continue…

NOW is the time to break the chains


Years ago I read a quote that, at the time
did not have the same impact and meaning
for me as it does today in my Life,
and I had all but forgotten about it until
earlier this week when it was sent to me.… —-> Continue…

What do you care about?


What do you care about?

Does it show?

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