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WHO am I?

Who am I?

It’s a question that has been asked of me
in many ways recently from many different voices,
starting first as a whisper – growing into a
heartwrenching cry that will not be silenced.

The temptation is to look back in our life and weigh
our experiences and our past – as if who we are is the
sum total of where we have been and been through;
placing our value and our worth on that which has no
power or reach into the present except what we allow.… —-> Continue…

Will you give your Life or live your Life?


So… have you ever had
that feeling that something
really big is going to happen
and you don’t know what it is -
only that it’s important?
That’s where I’m at right now.

Somewhere between now and when I hit SEND
there is something so important and big that
I don’t even know where to begin – or how to
describe how badly I need to share it with you.… —-> Continue…

My hero for the day!

I found my hero for the day.

And this is how it happened.
I’m standing in a store and
this guy comes in and he’s
looking for something.
I don’t even know what it
was or if he found it,
but before he left has asked
of everyone present:
“Do you know anyone
with a house for rent?”

Those present did not,
and then he asked;
“Do you have any newspapers here?”
He was informed they did not sell newspapers there.… —-> Continue…

Live Happily Ever After; Before, and During…

I thought I’d switch gears here,
and talk about “relationships”.

So, this whole boy / girl / love thing -
let’s skip past the first part (meeting).

Let’s talk about the fall…

What I’ve observed is that the first months
of any relationship both parties are really
pouring on the charm & pulling out the stops
while at the same time throwing out little “tests”
for the other person to see how they’ll react.… —-> Continue…

Love one another…


Love one another…
Not just some, not just one “in love” with you.
Not just those you agree with or get along with.
…and not only on February 14.

Love one another.

Always. Unconditionally.

Include yourself.


I love You.—-> Continue…

Are you just killing time?

By the time you had your 1st Birthday
(Happy belated Birthday !) the earth
spun around the sun and you passed
the 31,536,000 second mark.

Over an average lifetime,
that’s 2,112,912,000 seconds !!!

Just think about it -
TWO BILLION seconds.… —-> Continue…

Don’t Just Show Up in Life…

Don’t just show up in Life

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