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I am conducting an experiment.

If you would like to know what it is -
please drop me a line for details!


Always a Rainbow…

“Always a rainbow”.
It’s one of my favorite things to say.
Still, let’s be clear; the tragedies
and tears are not out of sight;
I am not deaf to the cries of
those who have suffered loss.
Yet we have before us the opportunity of a lifetime;
a chance to look at what we might create
within a life that has been made unrutted.… —-> Continue…

What are you bringing to the table?

In Life, everybody brings something to the table.

What are you bringing to the table ?

How is it “feeding” those around you ???

I’m going to make this short.

Picture a long dining table – adorned with
the finest china, the most exquisite silverware.… —-> Continue…

Being good to yourself… A good start!

I’m beginning to see something.
The fortunes inside fortune cookies are being written
by people who have a vested interest in cookie sales.
For example, today’s Fortune Cookie message:

” Be good to yourself. Dessert
three times per week is OK.
—-> Continue…

Is your Life a resting place or a testing place?

There are many reasons to bring this to you tonight.
Some old, some new, some recent, and those
that are all too frequent and familiar.

I’m sure you’ve had moments where you’ve
thought that things just couldn’t get any worse.
Murphy’s Law, right?… —-> Continue…

Because that’s what there is to do

It’s midnight,  Sunday.
I’m sitting in my Jeep at a rest stop.
Some things can’t wait.
Ever since last night a line
has been repeating itself
over and over in my head.

“There are bigger things at work here…”

It’s a line (or close to it) from
one of the Spider Man movies.… —-> Continue…

What if you DID go full out?



Shortly after we sat down on the plane I could feel it, and I knew I had
about a minute before my nice white shirt would soon be splattered red.
Nosebleed. Great. I didn’t plan for that. No napkins, no tissue… No time.… —-> Continue…

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