Communication in an assuming world

I’m writing another book.

Now, for the most part, my previous book was

more of a collection of stories with a variety

of different topics – mostly inspirational.

This one is more specific toward

the arena that is communication.

I know – it may not sound as enticing

as 50 Hues of Black and White,

BUT if you had better control of

the communication in your Life -

it could lead to so much more!… —-> Continue…

If only Life were a rehearsal…

Ever seen the movie “Click” ?

I watched a bit of it tonight

( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=d8sJW66Mr1g )

and then there was the part

where I left to go to the store.


It’s where Adam Sandler is in his office.

His son, following in his father’s footsteps,

is trying to go over a few of his ideas with him.… —-> Continue…

I miss you…


I keep thinking about her handwriting…

We would often write each other notes & letters – the good old fashioned kind with real paper and ink.
I loved her handwriting.
Her office was next to where I worked, which is how we met over 14 years ago.… —-> Continue…

Healthcare “crisis” is a result of our own health care

sick-as-a-dog-350wYou know what’s an interesting thought, is that across the board the US can chalk up the majority of it’s health concerns on a terrible diet.

I’m painting with pretty broad strokes here, and it’s not political (sorry) – but ignorance is not bliss when it comes to preventative health.… —-> Continue…


It could be said of this Life
that we are part of a grand experiment -
full of tests, failures, successes; all to be
placed under the heading  called RESULTS.

Look at your own Life.

How do you like the results you’re getting
in the very tests & trials that you experience?… —-> Continue…

About your balanced Life – PART 1


I think it was Ben Franklin who said;
“All things in moderation”.all-things-in-moderation-MT2

I have found this to be
great wisdom and advice,
and also used quite a
bit as a justification.

Similarly when we hear
that we should keep a
healthy balance in our Life -
what is missing in these sage
bits of understanding is the knowing
what exactly is being weighed in.… —-> Continue…

About your balanced Life – Part 2

The other day I was talking
about moderation and balance.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read it,
you’re going to want to do that FIRST -
otherwise a few pieces of this puzzle
are going to be missing, and I’m sure
both of us want to see the whole picture.… —-> Continue…

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