Your AMAZING Life begins… NOW!


Yesterday I posed the question – dare I say a challenge
to create Monday May 12, 2014 as a day that would
change your Life; a day that you finally decide to
put more energy and faith into your beliefs than
you do your fears, doubts, and excuses.… —-> Continue…

What if you only had one shot?

“Look, if you had one shot,
or one opportunity
To seize everything you ever wanted;
One moment -
Would you capture it,
or just let it slip?”

It’s been a few years since this song hit the scene;
“Lose Yourself” (Buy the Original or Clean version)

So let’s get one thing straight -
this whole “If you had one shot”;

I want to know how many of you believe this.… —-> Continue…

I miss you…


I keep thinking about her handwriting…

We would often write each other notes & letters – the good old fashioned kind with real paper and ink.
I loved her handwriting.
Her office was next to where I worked, which is how we met over 14 years ago.… —-> Continue…

What is your Treasure?


Some time ago as I was driving, the song
“Travelin’ Man” by Bob Seger came on the radio.
My sister was a fan of Bob Seger when I was a kid,
and I never really got “into” her kind of music.… —-> Continue…

I was there, this is where I am. Here are my shoes.


Many years ago I heard a story
about a letter Abraham Lincoln
had written to one of his generals
at some point during the Civil War.
From what I recall, the general had
been hesitant at a time when
immediate decisive action was
needed to achieve a victory,
and because of his delays and
decisions a defeat seemed eminent.… —-> Continue…

What are you feeding your mind?

So, today I read this tidbit:

One of the only activities that activates,
stimulates, and uses the entire brain

Such a powerful fact to be treated as casually
as we so often do in Life, wouldn’t you say?… —-> Continue…

What is a stranger but an Unmet Friend…

Just as I opened the door to
the machine shop, the sounds -
very LOUD sounds – of barking
dogs meet my ears, and
for a moment I wonder:
Will I be a customer today… or lunch ?!
The four legged carnivores met me first,
tripping over themselves trying to see
who was going to get the first bite in.… —-> Continue…

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