Hey Dad – Let’s play a game!

I’d rather spend time playing Ping Pong with Dad in the garage.

When I was a kid, we had an Atari set, a Defender & Asteroids arcade game
(actual stand up arcade games!), and a pinball machine in the basement.
We even had satellite TV- one of the first in the area!… —-> Continue…

Living with you…

Ever had that sort of gnawing thought
in the back of your mind that something
was passing you by and you couldn’t
quite figure out what?
Sort of like standing on a frozen river;
the part you’re standing on is made from
the very same thing that flows beneath you;
yet one moves on, while the other stays.… —-> Continue…

In Ever Loving Memory of Dad…


“Will you be a pallbearer?” he asked me.
I looked at him – not understanding the question.
A pallbearer is someone who helps carry a casket
at a funeral, and we weren’t having a funeral.
We were just… we were just here.… —-> Continue…

Are you just killing time?

By the time you had your 1st Birthday
(Happy belated Birthday !) the earth
spun around the sun and you passed
the 31,536,000 second mark.

Over an average lifetime,
that’s 2,112,912,000 seconds !!!

Just think about it -
TWO BILLION seconds.… —-> Continue…

Sometimes It Takes a Tragedy…

9 11 captioned1

Sometimes it takes a tragedy to cause us
to take hold of our lives and create triumph.

From the rumble of toppled buildings
to crushed & shattered dreams and hopes;
where we go from here all starts at a beginning.

Do we rebuild from rubble with the same anger,
greed, hate and self centered agenda that brought
them down – brought Us down – in the first place?… —-> Continue…

Would you believe this… or not?


What would it take
for you to stop and read this ?

Hear me out.

If it is true that energy
is never destroyed and
merely changes form
that our thoughts are a series
of electrical impulses,
also a form of energy:

What makes you think
I cannot read your mind?… —-> Continue…

HOW TO BE HEARD and have people listen to you

Do people listen to you?

Stop being ignored – Get their attention
Stop being dismissed – Gain their respect
Stop being overlooked – Grab their interest

Find out what roadblocks keep you from
being able to effectively communicate
with others and how to overcome them.
—-> Continue…

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