In Ever Loving Memory of Dad…

“Will you be a pallbearer?” he asked me.
I looked at him – not understanding the question.
A pallbearer is someone who helps carry a casket
at a funeral, and we weren’t having a funeral.
We were just… we were just here.… —-> Continue…

Sometimes… a little goes a long way

I’d like you to watch this video:


I’ve noticed this both from observation
and from being on both sides of the fence -
there are far more who give not from abundance,
but from a place of compassion and understanding.… —-> Continue…

Christmas… shoes and Spirit

Whenever I used to call
someone on the phone
I would ask them;
“Is this a good
time to call ?”
or “Did I catch you
at a good time ?”

Now – I’m not exactly on the phone with you, but still…
Did I catch you at a good time ?… —-> Continue…

How do you want to feel?

Several weeks ago I had fallen quite hard
while running on snow covered concrete.
Not a brilliant thing to do.
Since then both my elbow and shoulders have been a
constant reminder of what happens when moving
body parts meet an immoveable object at high speed.… —-> Continue…

Choice more than chance






Uncertainty repeated
creates a self fulfilling doubt,
which causes further uncertainty…

Speak of those things you desire,
focus on that which can be certain
and set the sails of your heart
to the winds of passion.

Choice – more than chance – brings you what you hope for…





Ever caught yourself saying things like:

> I’m not sure if I can do that
> I don’t know if that will work
> I may not finish it on time

Here’s the deal.… —-> Continue…

Focus on the Prize, not the Price…


Things that come easy
are often taken for granted – and lost.
That which we earn by the sweat of our brow
and the sharpness of our mind are kept close -
yielding a far richer Life worth much more
than the sacrifices we have made…
Focus on the Prize,
not the price…

Rise to your Life…

I often wonder
what you were doing before
you started reading this.

Taking a quick break from work perhaps, or maybe
getting caught up on emails and such just before bed.
Perhaps you’re peering over
your morning cup of coffee.

The reason I ask is because
I wonder where your mind is -
and what you might be expecting
to find between the words and the lines..… —-> Continue…

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