How do you save a Life?

How would you feel
if you saved someone’s life ?

No, really.   Quit “multi-tasking”
and give this some serious thought.

Picture whatever scenario you want to:

Pull a person from a burning building
just before the roof caves in.

Perform the Heimlich maneuver on a child
who was choking in a restaurant.… —-> Continue…

What will save you?

The story has been told about a man
who was at home taking a nap,
when suddenly there was a frantic
pounding on his front door.
Opening the door, a young boy
hurriedly informed him that a flood
was coming and that he needed
to evacuate immediately.… —-> Continue…

No Matter What the Moments Bring


Being open to the opportunity
that every encounter and
experience has to offer

Looking back upon so much that
at the time seemed such trash -
now seen for the treasure it was;
a Gift instead of garbage.

This is our Life – make it a love,
no matter what the moments bring;
cherish that you were here for them…


You are where you are. Where will you go from here?

I tried explaining to my son the other night
that we are where we are right now in Life,
and that nothing can be done to change
anything in the past that has led us here.

We can share how we feel about what’s
happened in the past – but no amount of
complaining, cursing, or causing challenges
in the present will have any effect on history.… —-> Continue…

Christmas… shoes and Spirit

Whenever I used to call
someone on the phone
I would ask them;
“Is this a good
time to call ?”
or “Did I catch you
at a good time ?”

Now – I’m not exactly on the phone with you, but still…
Did I catch you at a good time ?… —-> Continue…

I was there, this is where I am. Here are my shoes.


Many years ago I heard a story
about a letter Abraham Lincoln
had written to one of his generals
at some point during the Civil War.
From what I recall, the general had
been hesitant at a time when
immediate decisive action was
needed to achieve a victory,
and because of his delays and
decisions a defeat seemed eminent.… —-> Continue…

What words will you share today?


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