What words will you share today?


Communication in an assuming world

I’m writing another book.

Now, for the most part, my previous book was

more of a collection of stories with a variety

of different topics – mostly inspirational.

This one is more specific toward

the arena that is communication.

I know – it may not sound as enticing

as 50 Hues of Black and White,

BUT if you had better control of

the communication in your Life -

it could lead to so much more!… —-> Continue…

On the edge of the unknown…


It is nearly midnight,
and I do not know where my laptop is.

This might not sound newsworthy, other than the fact
that my laptop contains EVERYTHING I NEED to write.
And midnight is my deadline to write & post to you.… —-> Continue…

Make your mark and make it count

make-your-mark-350Do you know why I want more for you?
Do you know why I stay up at night, often
pushing past into the hours of the morning?
Because you can reach more people and make
a bigger difference in this world than I can.… —-> Continue…

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made…

We all reach a point where we say enough is enough, and refuse
to continue selling ourselves short and settling for a life of “less than”.

And yet… how often do we stop at the next rung of the ladder,
claiming we’ve reached the “Promised Land”, simply because
we experience a view different than the one we left behind?… —-> Continue…

Sometimes the greatest gift…


Sometimes the greatest gift
you can give to others is to
let them be themselves…

You Don’t Know What’s Possible…

The biggest key to growing and going
beyond where you are is to realize
that you only know what you know.
EVERYTHING that we know
we didn’t know until we did.

It is one of the simplest yet profound truths,
yet so many overlook it and choose to
view the things around them through
the mirror of the past rather than
the looking glass of the present.… —-> Continue…

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