Communication in an assuming world

I’m writing another book.

Now, for the most part, my previous book was

more of a collection of stories with a variety

of different topics – mostly inspirational.

This one is more specific toward

the arena that is communication.

I know – it may not sound as enticing

as 50 Hues of Black and White,

BUT if you had better control of

the communication in your Life -

it could lead to so much more!

For example, I’m pretty sure we all think we do

a pretty good at communicating and most people

I know for the most part say what they mean.

Precisely the trap.

You say what you mean,

and leave it to the other person

to KNOW what you meant.

And chances are they hear what you’re saying

and interpret it to mean what THEY THINK it means.

Here is the “missing” in at 98%
of the conversations I hear.

Affirmation of interpretation.

Even if you ask someone

“Do you know what I mean?”

they’ll usually say yes most of the time,

and if they don’t & ask you to repeat it -

you may repeat/explain it in a different way

BUT UNLESS you have them affirm what they

thought you said and meant, you’re still

rolling the dice in the same game.

Even though you may say something in a different

way and ask if they understood it better that time -

IF the response is “Yes, thank you for clearing that up”


I am doing my best to hammer this home

and if it seems redundant, so be it.

I’d rather be redundant than unclear -

because I cannot tell you what being

casual and assumptive in my own

communication has cost me…

So, before it costs YOU far more than it

already has and you’re willing to lose -

pay attention to it & don’t be casual with it!