For our children – because we care…


It was not quite 10 o’clock when I started out tonight.
I finally got the clutch fixed in the Roadster,
just in time for a few rain sprinkles :P
The top will have to go down another night…

So here’s what I found next to the checkout stand
at the gas station tonight; “all natural Crayons sports drink”.
In a nutshell, an energy drink geared toward kids.
Yes, the same kids whose raging sugar levels
cause them to misbehave in class,
exhibit the attention span of a 2 year old,
and set records for child obesity year after year.
I’ve been in schools and have been astounded
by what I’ve seen in the vending machines there.
Vending machines – that thought alone befuddles me.
Since when did kids become so lazy and spoiled ?
Oh wait – is it the kids or the parents ?
Let me get back to you on that…

From junk food, soda, candy and various “juices”
(ever thought about those 2 cups of sugar in Hi-C?)
the youth of today are the number one consumers
of what my parents used to call “junk food”.
Just grab a bag of munchies – it’s quicker.
Pop open another can of pop – it tastes so good !
How many aisles in your grocery store are now
devoted to snacks, candy and soft drinks ?!?
There’s big money in giving us what feels good in the moment.
It’s frustrating to know that the leading cause of
“supposed” A.D.D. can be traced to one’s diet
- and in most cases can be drastically reduced
if not completely cured by a sensible food regiment.
Oh, it’s easier to just put a label on behavior problems
, academic challenges, etc. That way all we have to do
is get a prescription, medicate America and call it good.
But since when has easier been better ?
Of course, it’s not just A.D.D. type symptoms that show up.
Do you have a child who has difficulty getting around in the morning ?
Keep track of how late they’re eating – and what they’re eating.
Chances are if they are eating past 8pm, especially junk food
- they’re not getting a deep enough sleep.

Of course, you don’t know what you don’t know,
and if you didn’t know this, well – you didn’t know.
Heck – I know this, and I still eat way more junk food
and drink more pop than I know I should !
Hopefully having shared this will keep me
more accountable to my own health.

So, there you go.
My test drive turned into a tangent !

Well, I’m going to toss this can of “Crayons sports drink” into
the trash (it even tastes lame) and hope it’s launch is a failure.
We don’t need any more junk being piped into
the bloodstreams of our kids.
Have another glass of water kids – you’ll be thankful for it
when you’ve lived a longer, healthier life…

And for the rest of us,
only do it if you want a longer healthier life :P