Healthcare “crisis” is a result of our own health care

sick-as-a-dog-350wYou know what’s an interesting thought, is that across the board the US can chalk up the majority of it’s health concerns on a terrible diet.

I’m painting with pretty broad strokes here, and it’s not political (sorry) – but ignorance is not bliss when it comes to preventative health.
It should be our first concern and it IS our first line of attack
against the majority of what ails the people of this country.

Of course, it’s easier to pop a pill, get a shot,
have a surgery once our bodies have begun breaking
down from the fats, chemicals and otherwise pure trash
we’ve been pouring down our necks for years.
It’s especially easier not to worry about when there is
health insurance to cover our every ache and pain -
and with a deep pocketed government guaranteeing
healthcare for everyone, why not sit around all day
and eat potato chips & drink pop ?

Just like modern medicine -
we’re always looking to “fix” the symptom after the fact.
We’re not addressing the real cause, much like government
(you know I’ve got to throw that in there :)P )
and we keep mopping up the messes without
rolling up our sleeves and fixing the real “leak”.

Want to have enough funds for healthcare?
Do you want to do your part to allow people
who NEED medical attention to get it??

Look in the mirror, look at what you are & are not eating.
Look at your weight (I know, SO not P.C.)
and look at your exercise, or lack thereof.
Oh, and this may be the most valuable piece,
and hardest because it requires effort.

I’m sure the whole 4 major food groups thing was considered
a big breakthrough in helping Americans eat healthier -
but in my mind it did more harm than good.
I see people reading ingredients and finding something
in those major food groups as part of the ingredients
in order to justify the purchase of it.
And they KNOW the item as a whole is totally NOT good for them.
But it did list this so called “healthy” ingredient…
When I say READ – read up on what science, medicine,
and nutritionalists have discovered about food AND
how it is processed by the body.


Did you know you shouldn’t eat meats and potatoes together ?
Cooking, boiling & steaming foods destroys
most of their nutritional value.
Fruits should be eaten at least a half hour
BEFORE a meal; NOT for dessert.
AND did you know that even CHOCOLATE was actually
used for it’s healing and medicinal purposes long before
“we” Europeans got to it, destroyed it’s nutritional value
and turned it into candy? Yep.


You’ll probably have to go off of the “mainstream” media
to get the real facts that aren’t biased by big bucks.
And when you’re reading the ingredients label
at the grocery store, don’t skim over the contents
& chemicals looking for the “acceptable” ingredients.
ie: Maraschino CHERRIES are not good for you.
BANANA cream pie – not good for you.
Finding “SPINACH” as a 5th ingredient after words like
“hydrogenated oil”, “high fructose corn syrup”
(has the word CORN – must be good, right?),
“sodium nitrite” and monosodium glutamate”
is NOT a good indicator that what you are
about to eat might be good for you.

I’d say use common sense – but really,
you don’t know what you don’t know,
and we grab a box or can at the grocery store
because that’s what our parents did when they shopped.

Commercials tell us that it’s good for us,
and we should believe T.V., right?

I could go on and on here. No really, I could !!!
We haven’t even touched the protective layering,
let alone the surface. Not to beat a dead horse
(every pun intended) but most people I see
put more attention, research and priority into their
home entertainment system, cable T.V. and cel phone
plans than they do into their own day to day Life.

The hospitals are full because we have for years
filled ourselves with junk, and the vast population
only seeks to gratify our pallet & gullet with things
that taste good instead of what IS good for us.

And, as most things I will ever talk about,
the solution rests IN OUR HANDS.
Not any government.

And it is OUR responsibility.

Leave the “problem” for others to “fix”
and you may not like the answers…