I see great people… What do you see?

Last week I’m at the store walking
around an aisle when all of a sudden,
a line from a movie pops in my head;

“I see dead people,
only they don’t know they’re dead.”

(this is my paraphrased version -
I haven’t seen the movie in 7+ years)

To which my mind echoed back this,
and it’s been haunting me ever since:

“I see great people,
only they don’t know they’re great…”

It took me a week to write this piece
because I don’t know how to convince
someone who doesn’t already know it.

And… if you could see me right now, you’d know that
I’ve been sitting here for the last half hour staring at
this line and not knowing the right place to go with it.

“I see great people,
only they don’t know they’re great…”

Do you know what people who don’t know they’re great do ?
(Here’s a short list of examples)

They major in the minors.
They “sweat the small stuff”
They turn mole hills into mountains
They blame others for their lot in Life
They often feel helpless and victimized
They allow circumstances to dictate their future
They prioritize entertainment before accomplishment
They repeat failures and consider successes “luck”
They don’t think things will get better (for them)
They stumble, they fall, and they stay down
They follow failure rather than seek success
They live reactively instead of proactive
They watch the news rather than make it
They play small in the game of Life
They complain… a lot…
They give up easily

This is a very short list – trust me.
And believe me, I’ve tried all of these
and more at least once !
I also suspect a few of you could raise your hands if I
asked you how many of you have done any of these.

It’s very frustrating to see people accept this way of Life as normal.
Isn’t it ? I mean, after all – you must know people who are just… well, great !
And yet they’re living a miserable life day after day,
and at best, they settle for the table scraps of happiness.

At the top of my website you’ll find this phrase:

“There is nothing of tangible significance
that separates the most successful
from the most desperate.”

N O T H I N G .

And though you and I are different and unique from one another;
we are capable of doing and achieving what any other has done.

Now, when you read that -
I want you to pay attention to the words
and thoughts that are running through your mind.

If they begin with anything resembling “Yeah, but” -
or any other kind of excuse or reason;
THAT is what holds you back, my friend.


Not your capabilities or abilities.
Not your luck, or lack of it.
Not your upbringing.
Not your any thing.


Now there is an uncomfortable place to be.
Because there has always been a reason to be where you are.
Sensible, logical, believable reasons why you are where you are.

So when anyone asks why your Life is the way it is,
you can hold up one of many “flash cards” and say
“This… is why”
And we can all nod in agreement and say
“Ah, yes – that makes sense…”

But… take away the flash cards,
and it’s kind of like standing naked in front of a crowd.

Without all of the reasons & excuses to hide behind,
everyone can see that it’s just you, and nothing else.

Step out from behind that which hides you;
the magnificent and amazing YOU !

Accept that you and you alone
are the cause and creator
of the Life that you lead,
and every step from here forward
you will one day look back on
with either pride or regret.

Learn to see great people,
and begin by looking in the mirror…