“We can wish things were different,
and we all too often wallow in our pain,
our misery, our anger, pity, and shame.
Meanwhile, time marches on, the world turns
—and Life moves on without us.

If you want to keep up—
if you want to conquer,
you’ve got to get up
and put one foot in
front of the other
—and move.

Nothing happens until you make it happen,
and until you step up, look in the mirror
and realize that YOU ultimately decide and
determine your fate and place in this world,
you will always stumble and fall further
from the Life you wish you had.

You need to find what it is that is bigger than you.
Your family needs you to, your friends need you to.
Your community and country needs you to—
and if you can truly embrace what I do
—the world needs you to.

But let’s start with you first—
because—you really need YOU to, first.”


…excerpt from “Living for a Lifetime”
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