Same brain, same mess… Try again?

Do you sometimes find yourself
beating your head against a wall wondering
what you’re doing wrong and why you can’t get it right?
Let’s take a break from head banging for a minute
and consider & contemplate this:

“The same brain that
got you into this mess
isn’t going to get you out.”

I heard that a few weeks ago -
and it just speaks such a clear truth.

How often do we try to figure out why things are the way they are?
How often do we speculate, investigate, and otherwise invigorate
our brain cells to come up with THE answer – THE solution
that will make our Life the better that we hope for ?
(clue: MOST OF THE TIME !)

How is that working for you?

Maybe good, maybe not so good. So so. NOT.

You view your Life with the eyes of what you know.
You see what you are looking for instead of what IS.
You do not know what you do not know because
you do not know you do not know it !
When you think you know it all, you have set the walls
within which the answers can be found, and the potential
that once existed in this vast Universe has been shrunk
down to the 3lbs of grey matter between your ears.

There is a reason the greatest sages throughout time
have shared in so many ways that the key to knowing
is at first admitting that you know nothing…

Humbling, isn’t it?
Almost as terrifying as it is enlightening.

Aside from this piece of good news,
even though you may not know the answers;
the answers may very well be within you to find.

Remember that vast Universe I mentioned
that held the answers and solutions you seek?
Guess what?
You’re a part of it !!!

Ever tried putting together a puzzle from one box
while looking at the box lid to another puzzle?
I’d ask you to try it some time, but I think
you know how it would turn out!
You’d end up beating your head against a wall!

And that’s what you’re doing when you think
you have the solution or know the answers.
You’re looking for pieces of the puzzle
that look like the picture on the box.

So keep an open mind
and be open to finding solutions
that may not look like the answer you had in mind…




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