What are you feeding your mind?

So, today I read this tidbit:

One of the only activities that activates,
stimulates, and uses the entire brain

Such a powerful fact to be treated as casually
as we so often do in Life, wouldn’t you say?
I mean, after all – music virtually surrounds us.
It plays over the speakers of most everywhere we go.
We hear it in our cars usually when we travel to and fro.
Especially if you have kids – it can often be heard at home.
(Good grief, that sounded like a Dr. Seuss Rhyme!)

How carefully are we guarding this key to the brain?
How well are we defending this doorway to the mind?

Music stimulates and opens up the brain, causing it
to be more receptive, relaxed and open to suggestion.
Any message within the music more easily slips through
our conscious mind and is driven into the subconscious.
People have thought me to be overly concerned with
certain types of music and my “dislike” of certain songs.
For the most part it’s been easy for me to just say
“garbage in, garbage out” and hope they see the
simplicity of that answer rather than ask them
to dig into the science that reveals why.

Seriously, this is a bigger deal than you’d ever think.
Have you ever really listened to the “popular”
music of the day? Really listen to the words.
Most of what I hear exalts selfishness, lust,
sex, revenge, disrespect, violence, greed, and
various (often twisted) forms of so called “love”.
Rarely a day goes by I’m not disgusted by something
I hear on the radio or coming from a speaker somewhere.
THAT is what our brains are being fed – and fed deeply.
THAT is the garbage that is being stuffed deep into
our minds as the music opens up our brains and
welcomes the message of the moment, and
over time embraces the meaning.

Food for thought.
In every way.

I should also expound on this, since we’re on the
subject. We should be clear very early on here:
our minds are not malnourished in any way.
Oh no. Trust me – our minds are being fed well.
And in better stereo, definition and clarity than ever!
The bombardment of media from every angle fills our
minds at every opportunity with various “comfort food”
to entertain us, distract us, and keep us in line.

It’s a topic too vast for me to even touch on here,
so for now just keep this in mind:
whether aware or not – our minds
are being fed junk food for free.
Again – become more proactive about
what you allow into your mind and body.

So… there. Rant touched on.
Now don’t even get me started on T.V.

Let’s just do this for a week:
Believe that you have a brain worthy of treating better…
In the end, it will treat you better



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