What is YOUR special occasion?

Not too long ago I was listening to a song
I’ve heard many many times before.
It wasn’t a song I particularly like,
but on this day I really heard it.
What stood out for me
was this part of the chorus:

“…a moment like this
Some people wait a lifetime
For a moment like this “

Many things came to mind, namely that I couldn’t
think of a moment that I had NOT waited a lifetime for.

That’s what our life is comprised of: moments.

So then I got to thinking about how
much we wait for these “moments”.

Do you realize that there is a good chance that the very
“moment” that we wait and wait and wait for is happening
somewhere else in the world at this very moment ?

What I would also dare to mention is that this “moment”
is happening because someone else did not wait for it
to happen, but rather went after it and made it happen.

“SOME people wait a lifetime for a moment like this”

Yes, some people do – while other people are living them.

By now at least one of us has realized that I am going
in an entirely different direction
than I had originally planned.

But do you realize that that we spend far too much time waiting ?

We wait for the right timing
We wait for the right moment
We wait for the right opportunity.

What if what we wait for never arrives ?

I’m reminded of a story I heard a long time ago.

A man was going through his wife’s dresser while
his brother sat nearby.  As he went through,
he mentioned things about several pieces that
he came across. At one point he came across a
beautiful outfit – I think it may have been
some fancy lingerie from New York.

You can tell it’s bringing back memories, and he
tells his brother that he’d never seen her in it yet -
that she’d been saving it for a special occasion.
“Well, it looks like this is it…” he told his brother.

Tears filled his eyes as he said this,  and suddenly
he turned to his brother exclaiming;
Never save anything for a ‘special occasion‘ ”
and he placed the outfit with the
rest of the clothes for her funeral…

Listen, you and I both have something
that we’re waiting for just the right time,
moment, or opportunity to make happen.

If you don’t have any – let me give you a few of mine !

But I’ve got to tell you, the day will come
when it really will be too late.

Let your “special occasion”
be every breathe you take;
every new day you awaken
and are blessed to be alive.