How do you save a Life?

How would you feel
if you saved someone’s life ?

No, really.   Quit “multi-tasking”
and give this some serious thought.

Picture whatever scenario you want to:

Pull a person from a burning building
just before the roof caves in.

Perform the Heimlich maneuver on a child
who was choking in a restaurant.

Push someone out of the way of a speeding car.

Pull a drowning person from the water & revive them with CPR.

There are so many ways to save a life – but I want you
to choose one that’s real to you; a situation that
you can actually imagine yourself being in.

The feelings you have when you see that their life is in danger.
What you feel when you realize you might be able to help them.
When you make the decision to act.
While you’re rescuing them.
How you feel when they’re finally safe from harm.
When their eyes meet yours – and you both know
they are alive because of you.

Now, what if you were invited to the hospital where they were recovering.
You see their family and friends – their hearts overflowing with gratitude.
I mean seriously – you’re getting handshakes and hugs from strangers -
many with tears in their eyes, thanking you as much as words can say.

Now what if…

What if saving someone’s Life wasn’t as spectacular
as pulling them from a burning building, giving CPR,
or stepping between them and harm’s way ?

What if it looked more like a sincere word of encouragement
to someone who was down on their luck & out of hope?
Maybe it came from a teacher who tells a student
that she sees amazing potential within them.

And it could be as simple as saying
“It’s really good to see you”. ?

When people of any age lose faith, give up hope,
or lose the desire and passion that gives them purpose;
Life becomes more of a daily drudgery than a precious gift to savor.

And when one’s life is deemed cheap,
decisions are often made to dull the pain
and find quick & easy pleasures, which all too often
lead them into a lifestyle that results in an early grave.

Let’s face it – we live in a world that practically screams
“You’re not good enough !”.

And with this thought ever beneath the surface,
many people’s lives are cut short either by their own hand
or circumstances created by poor choices.

Remember Newton’s Law:

“An object in motion will stay in motion and an object at rest
will stay at rest unless acted upon by an external force”

BE the external force in someone’s Life that causes
them to veer from their course of destruction.

DO what you can, no matter how small or seemingly
insignificant, that might uplift or lighten the burden of another.

SEE outside of your self and look around at the opportunities
that surround us daily to make a powerful and positive change.

Kindness and encouragement are a key ingredient in keeping
many people on a path of longevity and a healthy lifestyle.

Now, the part that might be standing just around the corner is this:

The Life you save may one day be your own.

You may have to take my word for this one, as I’m sure most of you
do not feel as if your life is in any danger nor are you in need of help.

And for the handful that “get” this – thank you for being among
those hands that have kept me from falling along the way,
and for listening to that still small voice inside
that says “Do it now” when you see the chance…