Would you believe this… or not?


What would it take
for you to stop and read this ?

Hear me out.

If it is true that energy
is never destroyed and
merely changes form
that our thoughts are a series
of electrical impulses,
also a form of energy:

What makes you think
I cannot read your mind?

Why is it hard to believe that I
just might know what you’re feeling ?

Some of you think I’m joking.

A few of you… a sense of uneasiness.

And at least 2 of you are nodding.

So here we go.

I didn’t study or plan for this -
all I know is that for the last 5 hours
something very big has been struggling to get out.

(at least 5 of you think that last line is funny)

((one more now))

We already know that the brain is incredibly sensitive
to stimuli, and neurological input of the slightest
amounts are able to be recorded and measured.

Sound and sight are both made possible by various frequencies.

Some we can see with our eyes, some we can hear with our ears.

The entire spectrum can only be defined as unknown,
because we are limited to the devices which measure them.

Though technology today is far more advanced
than it was say 20 years ago – we still are limited
to what we know by the technology of the day.

What most people would agree on is that there are
5 basic senses: Sight, sound, taste, touch, smell.

Now, the typical receptors used to sense these things are

external – through the eyes, ears, mouth, nose, and skin.

Our brains are conditioned outside of the womb to expect
and interpret signals coming from the neuropathways
which connect these receptors to the brain.


So consider that the 5 basic senses are the primary way
in which we stay “tuned” to our World on a conscious level.

Yet at any given time, we are bombarded and surrounded
by energy in a myriad of forms (ie electricity, frequencies)
that can permeate and penetrate our body – our being.

Consciously we typically aren’t aware of them;
these are what I’d call a secondary way our mind
stays in tune with the “What we aren’t aware of”.


On a conscious level, I cannot read your mind
or know your feelings with any certain clarity.

I’m fairly certain you’re in the same boat.

And yet…

we’re told to “go with our gut instinct” -
that we should “listen to our intuition”
and a myriad of other such advice
that rely on the seemingly intangible.

What if isn’t so “intangible” at all ???

If it is true that energy is never destroyed
and merely changes form – what is there to say
that this constant changing is not timeless ?

Just as the water you drink today is the same water that has
been around for thousands of years – having merely changed
form (evaporation, precipitation, etc.) why would it be such
a stretch to believe that the various forms in which
energy exists – thoughts included – may have
been around the block a few times.

Yes, you who are thinking about the connection here
between what I just said and reincarnation -
you must have read my mind ;)~

How does energy flow?

How fast does it move?

Light is energy, isn’t it ?

Last time I checked (like, high school)
light travels at in excess of 600,000mph.

That’s fast.

So we’ve got all of this energy,
all these frequencies all around us.

Of the trillions of people on this planet
over thousands of years – What are the odds
that some of that energy may actually be
received and decipherable by our minds?

Mostly NOT on a conscious level.

It’s like someone whispering backwards
in Latin from across the room.

Even if they DID hear it, they wouldn’t know
what it was or what it meant.

And yet…

We’ve seen things that were written backwards
and we could understand what was being said.

And Latin is the root of many languages – English included.
So in the recesses of our mind our brain finds commonality
and continuity in the language, and pieces together
the silence between the syllables.

And out of the blue, a thought occurs.

We feel something, or a certain way -
and we do not know why.

We look into the eyes of a stranger
and we seem to “connect” with them.

I stare at an empty screen for 5 hours
not knowing why – only that something
is there needing to be said.

And now you’re reading it.

So riddle me this;

why wouldn’t you believe this ?