I miss you…


I keep thinking about her handwriting…

We would often write each other notes & letters – the good old fashioned kind with real paper and ink.
I loved her handwriting.
Her office was next to where I worked, which is how we met over 14 years ago.
I’d see her during the day when she’d walk by.
We’d smile, share a few words – and it was always enough
to make the day a little brighter for us both.
It’s funny – but we talked about how we needed
that little “pick me up” to make it through the day.
I guess you could say we just sort of clicked as friends.
Never will I forget the first symphony we went to
(the only symphony).
I, as debonair as can be in my best suit
- with her in a stunning burgundy evening gown.
I think we turned heads that night. I know she did ;)
We shared fun times, sad times;
moments that create friendships to last a lifetime.

She left the company she worked for, and like so often
happens with people who we don’t see as much;
out of sight, out of mind.
It’s been a few years since I saw her last.
Not long ago – a few months at best I kept thinking
I should get ahold of her & catch up on old times.
While I was moving boxes out of storage a couple of weeks ago
I came across a letter of hers, and in another box a picture
she had taken of me & a coworker of hers at a wedding reception (?).
A few days ago Heather, a friend & fellow coworker of Becky’s
found me on MySpace and wrote me because she thought
she recognized me from where I worked.
Small world !
It had been about 4 years since I had seen her last…
Anyway, among other things,
I mentioned that I’d sort of lost track of Becky.

So here’s the tough part of this,
and if it takes me all night to write so be it.

It’s just that it’s tough to see the screen through tears.

Heather told me that Becky had passed away in July;
and I just can’t stop thinking about her.

I hear her voice,
and I keep seeing her name
signed at the bottom of a letter…


We hear every now and then
that we should live today
as if it were our last;
that we should tell those in our life
how much we care for them.

Take it to heart.

~ for Becky, taken from us by a drunk driver 07/16/2006…