Your AMAZING Life begins… NOW!


Yesterday I posed the question – dare I say a challenge
to create Monday May 12, 2014 as a day that would
change your Life; a day that you finally decide to
put more energy and faith into your beliefs than
you do your fears, doubts, and excuses.

Remember that?

Well, in 10 minutes Monday May 12 will be over.

And I’m excited to hear what you did to change your Life!

So let me tell you what mine is, and I’ve got to tell you
there have been several times today where I felt a
few chills when I really caught a glimpse of what
the future would hold for me from here on out.

It’s a simple one for me, really -
yet oftentimes the simplest of things
can be the most altering and transforming.

I’m going to write. Every day.
(If you’d like to see, visit

Again, you may not think this is a big deal – but to me,
being able to write AND make it a priority and a promise
is HUGE.  As many of you know, writing is my passion,
yet it has always been incredibly part-time at best.
Eating is also part-time, but we do it every day.
Sleeping is part-time, and we do that every day.
So, I just need to raise the importance of writing
up there under breathing and tuck it somewhere
just between eating and sleeping.  That’s all.
Easy peasy.

Now here’s the part that is really exciting for me.
I just told you – a LOT of you – that
I’m going to write every day..

What I know about my personality is that I will
do far more for others than I will myself;
I am more accountable to YOU
than I often am to me.

Yes… it is true.

So without you knowing it,
you’ve just become Cause
in changing my Life and helping
me pursue a life long Passion.

How do you like them apples?

Whoa there – would you look at the time.
It’s after midnight.  Monday is officially over.

I’m psyched.
It’s going to be hard to sleep tonight  ;)