Make your mark and make it count

make-your-mark-350Do you know why I want more for you?
Do you know why I stay up at night, often
pushing past into the hours of the morning?
Because you can reach more people and make
a bigger difference in this world than I can.
Pretty selfish, huh?
Yes. I am using you.
That’s my goal, anyway.

Because if I can get you to a point
where you actually come face to face
with what you are capable of, and open
your eyes to what is available to you -
I know you will share it with others.

You see, deep down inside
I believe in people; I have faith
that they would rather do good.
If people knew they could make a
positive and meaningful difference
in the life of a fellow human being -
I still hold onto the hope that they would.

There is something else that I know -
just as many of you have experienced.
It is the ultimate joy and deepest fulfilment to
climb out of your comfort zone and pull another
from the sinking sands of despair and need.

The bottom line reason more people turn a
blind eye to the plight of those around them
is because they don’t think they can do anything.
And… I say this because I refuse to believe that
people have become too cold and uncaring -
too caught up in themselves to bother with “them”.
I mean really, feeling helpless and inadequate
is not a pleasant feeling; I don’t wish it on anyone.
People want to feel happy, no secret there.
So they build a life inside walls and decorate it with
pictures and programming that make them feel good.
They wrap themselves within familiarity and fantasy,
while the real world hopes and prays it will be seen.

I am sad that they don’t see themselves any bigger.

I’ll admit it – I get excited when I look at you.
Do you have any idea what possibilities
to move mountains surround you?
I mean – the day you get a clue as to what
you are capable of and how much you really
can do that you’ve thought was beyond you;
the real and lasting joy of pouring pieces
of your life into endeavors that will last
for generations to come…
Nothing compares.
You may even give up your TV remote!

Make your mark.
Leave a history that will echo
for future generations to come.
Join the ranks of those in this world
who have grasped that they deserve
a Life worthy of living – worthy of
greater passions and desires.
Worthy of stepping outside of themselves
and reaching out to those around them.

Stop listening to any voice -
especially your own
that says you can’t.


I pray you do
and soon.