Step into the moment – Out of the memories


It’s called PCA (Patient-controlled analgesia).
You’ll typically find it in a hospital setting, and it’s basically a setup where a patient can push a button and have pain medicine shot into their bloodstream.
Hold this thought in the back of your mind.

Never in our lifetime have there been so many ways to keep us content and comfortable – complacent and compliant
- all within the confines of our own home.

With so many devices becoming the pathway to vices, our eyes and ears have become attached to them; addicted – while our hearts & souls slowly disconnect from others.

We have acces to untold information, both true and false – yet lost the common sense that would tell us what to do with it, and how to tell the difference.

We avoid struggle, challenge, confrontation, and the possibility of pain because someone with a microphone and a script says those things are a clear sign that we’re on the wrong path – that we need only do those things that make us happy.
* TIP *
BE happy in spite of circumstance and conditions,
or you’ll always be chasing your tail.
~ Can you imagine what your Life would be like
if you were happy in whatever you put your hand & mind to?
Instead, we thumb, scroll, and click our precious time away not toward a better life -
but to merely feel better about the one life we’re living.

We’ve created a life filled with various “PCA” to feel better, become distracted, and remain illusioned about what our Life can and cannot be – and to smother and squelch any evidence of passion, purpose, and greater meaning for our life than what we’ve been brainwashed to believe.


I am blessed beyond belief to know and have met so many people who have devoted a portion of their life to make a positive & meaningful difference in the lives of others. I often wonder what “noise” they had to turn off before they finally heard that calling and decided to heed it.

Because I think it’s within all of us. I know it is.

And… the normal is to turn up the outside noise & pump up the PCAs in an effort to drown that out – especially that.
Because it’s too big – and way too unbelievable.
We believe ourSelves to be too small, insignificant, and powerless.
We feel out of control in our own life – how in the world can anyone expect us to make an impact in someone else’s?


Well. Maybe it’s time to step into the moment and stop living in the memories.

Isn’t it about time to stop nursing old wounds?
Your scars are a mark of healing; Not a stop sign.
If you want to quit something – quit using your failures as evidence you should stop trying.  Learn what you can from things that did not happen as you wanted them to.
~ Notice I did not say failures ~

Stop hanging around people who are OK with you settling for scraps – and stop being one of them!  People who truly love and care about you will step in AND out of your Life when need be.  Those who care more about what you feed them than they do about You will try to suffocate and smother any threat of your leaving them behind.

And THAT has been one of the more difficult things I’ve had to impart through the years; that those closest to us may very well be the biggest obstacles in our life.
The good news is that there are over 8 billion people in the world, and even if you met 435,000 of them every day – it would still take over 50 years to meet them all. Not to mention the 70+ million additional folks that would be born every year.
Of course, of those, there are *only” about 1.35 billion who speak english
- so… get crackin ;)
HEAR THIS: Your closest friend, your most respected peer, your most admired peep – ALL OF THEM WERE STRANGERS at some point; UnMet friends.
And most were met by accident or coincidence.  Just think if you were intentional about the people you shared your heart, mind, and soul with!

What if not only YOU believed in You,
but those who you were close to also believed in You as well?
What if YOU were happy
- and there wasn’t a screen in sight and the only sounds were your thoughts?

What if you created a Life where you didn’t dread the week and had only your weekend “reprieve” to look forward to?
It’s in your hands.

No matter what voices inside or outside that try to convince you otherwise;
it’s in your hands.

Act like it,
and always be willing to reach a hand out for help, and to lend one where you can.


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