It has been said that the most important things
in Life are priceless and cannot be bought.
(For everything else, there’s MasterCard ;) )

Yet for most people, a great deal of their lives are spent
working to pay the bills, keep a roof over their heads,
and put food on the table.  It’s the American way!

A price tag cannot be put on making a profound and
positive difference in the Life of another, whether to
a loved one, a stranger, and most importantly; YOU.

The years of work reflected on these pages
was born out of a passion to help others rise
above the heights they cannot see beyond -
to break free of the chains and restrictions
that we have forged in our lives that keep us
from achieving our greatest hopes and dreams.

In donating here, you are giving the Gift of time
so that more work can be done to help others create
a more fulfilling, loving, passionate, and successful  Life.

You are appreciated…
Please give what you can,
and know that it makes a difference…


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