What If You Went Full Out?


Shortly after we sat down on the plane I could feel it, and I knew I had
about a minute before my nice white shirt would soon be splattered red.
Nosebleed. Great. I didn’t plan for that. No napkins, no tissue… No time.
So I did what any McGyver-like wanna be would do. I took my right sock
off and used it to stem the flow of blood until it stopped bleeding :)
I don’t think anyone even noticed! (I tried to be discreet)
Of course, before the plane landed, I did take my left sock off to match ;P

As with most things that bounce around in my head and make connections
that make my closest friends just shake their heads and smile, I thought
of the movie “Gattaca”.  But of course, you too, right??? Of course!
You see, the main character in the movie had a few health issues -
challenges that, for the dreams and goals that he had for his Life
would have prevented him from reaching them.
That is… if he chose only to look at his circumstances and situation.
I would encourage you to watch the movie some time, as for me at least
it showed me countless examples of how determination, perseverance, and
willpower overcame what many – MOST people would deem the impossible.
Because most people allow excuses & reasons to become a “truth” as to
what we can or cannot do, letting it rule both our attitudes and our actions.
I say “we” not only because I am a “people”, but because I’m as guilty as
any in allowing myself to hold onto the excuses and what I perceive to be
very real and valid “reasons” (of course they are, or they wouldn’t work!)
that hold and hinder me from reaching my own stars. Oh, I know
at times I’ve “changed my mind” on some goals, or decided to
“take a different course” in other pursuits and passions.
Often instead of shooting for the stars, we aim instead at the moon, right?
Well, giving up has many different names and shows up in many ways.
And no one likes to say they gave up… especially to themselves.
Let’s just be honest about that.

So real quick let me run down something that I hope hits home with you.
Bear with me here as I give you the short version. THIS IS WORTH IT!

There were once 2 brothers. The younger brother (Anton) had excellent health,
while the older brother (Vincent) had health challenges. When they were kids,
they would swim out to sea and whoever went furthest before turning back won.
Victory was always the younger, stronger brother’s. Until one day…
Not only does he swim further, but he ends up saving his brother.
Years later, the answer as told from the weaker brother to the stronger:

“You wanna know how I did it? This is how I did it Anton.
I never saved anything for the swim back…”

I never saved anything for the swim back

I see this in numerous situations, both professional and personal.
For example, those who don’t quite commit themselves fully into relationships -
keeping one foot just ever so slightly in the doorway so they can run (again).
I see it from the entrepreneur who has just one too many setbacks,
who goes back to a 9 to 5 job – and turns their back to their dream.

In so many scenarios and situations, people holding back from going all out.
Always trying to save enough for the “swim back”; never giving their all.

So, do you mind if I ask
– When you finally gave up and gave in;
Why did you?
Now, normally I’d let you off the hook with whatever you tell
me was your excuse / reason. After all, it was good enough for you!
But… not so much tonight. Unless you’ve had your head in the sand until
reading this, you know by now that I know you’re capable of far more.

What is
the bottom line reason for giving up?
Are you afraid that your all isn’t enough… and then what?
Wouldn’t that mean you failed?
Wouldn’t it mean YOU aren’t good enough?

If you put your word behind your endeavor and say
“This is what I am doing and this is where I am going.
I will not be deterred, and though I may falter – I will not fail
because I will not quit: I will never give up.”
Does it give you goosebumps to think what might happen
if you truly did give your all into… Well, in anything?

Now – give me some credit here and humor me.
If you tell me you tried levitating before and no matter what,
it didn’t happen. Hold up. First, I’d say you’re doing it wrong,
and second I’d ask you to stop trying to squirm your way out
of discovering some very deep rooted “truths” about yourself.

You know that saying that goes: “The Truth shall set you free”?
Well, I don’t recall hearing the other half: that it would probably
scare the living you know what out of you, too!

I’m going to cut this short for now, but something to think about.
Looking back over your Life – reviewing the many things that you’ve
given up on (don’t get all hung up on those words, OK?) can you
honestly truthfully and 100% look yourself in the eye (use a mirror)
and say that you did everything you could to make it happen -
that you poured yourself 100% completely into it and there was
nothing else you could do – nothing else that could be done?

If you answered “No” – I thank you for your honest insight.
And… if you answered “Yes” – try putting aside your belief in the
reasons, excuses and justifications that gave you permission to quit.
That may be the toughest part, but also the most rewarding and revealing.

You know, I never really sat down and pondered
what it is that I’d like written on my tombstone,
but it seems like these words would do me proud;

I never saved anything for the swim back

I’ve got a long way to go…



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