Changing the World – One Post-It at a time

let it go post it guy1

I carry a small filing cabinet wherever I go.
It’s called my wallet.  Rather than cash,
scraps of miscellaneous paper fill it to the brim.
A piece of napkin, a post-it note, gas receipt, etc.
On each is written a reminder of something -
typically a random thought created in my head.… —-> Continue…

Because that’s what there is to do


It’s after midnight, and
by all rights I should go to sleep.
But then again, some things can’t wait.
Ever since last night a line
has been repeating itself
over and over in my head.

“There are bigger things at work here…”

It’s a line (or close to it) from
one of the Spider Man movies.… —-> Continue…

Will you give your Life or live your Life?


So… have you ever had
that feeling that something
really big is going to happen
and you don’t know what it is -
only that it’s important?
That’s where I’m at right now.

Somewhere between now and when I hit SEND
there is something so important and big that
I don’t even know where to begin – or how to
describe how badly I need to share it with you.… —-> Continue…

Blindfolds to help you see…


For reasons I have struggled with all week,
what I am about to share has left me divided.
There are two major points that have had a
tug-of-war with my head and neither has won.
What they have done, however is leave shrapnel :)

Now.… —-> Continue…

Who you are makes a difference…


Have I told you lately…

Wait a minute.
It doesn’t matter if I have;
you’re going to hear this anyway -
so listen up…. Please   :)

When I tell you that you may not know
the difference you have made in my Life,
I hope you do not take that lightly -
for I doubt you will ever know in this Lifetime
the impact that will have made for countless others…

So I am sharing this with you as it, along with so many
other forces keeps me picking myself up off the floor
and walking another day with hope and a smile.… —-> Continue…

Hey Dad – Let’s play a game!

I’d rather spend time playing Ping Pong with Dad in the garage.

When I was a kid, we had an Atari set, a Defender & Asteroids arcade game
(actual stand up arcade games!), and a pinball machine in the basement.
We even had satellite TV- one of the first in the area!… —-> Continue…

Is your best good enough?


Is your best good enough?

This is the question I asked when I saw
a photo of a Young Marine recruit who
was giving it his all in a foot race.

His eyes were closed, face clenched
in a grimace of pain and determination;
going all out where others might give up.… —-> Continue…

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