It’s Always SOMETHING!

“It’s always something…”

It’s a phrase we hear often from those who never seem to be able to catch a break.
From those people that, if it wasn’t for bad luck – they’d have no luck at all.

These are all outside occurrences that started from an inside job.

Our minds deliver us what we expect.
- not what we want
- not what we hope
- not what we like

Think about that… because your subconscious mind is. 24/7.

Your conscious believes it is powerless in all these things.
Meanwhile, your subconscious is working powerfully day and night weaving and threading your thoughts, actions, and an array of communications into a comfortable blanket of failures, setbacks, crisis, drama, and even health challenges.
You have no idea (literally on a conscious level) of how powerful you are at being Cause in your Life.

I think it would chill you to the bone to know the affect you have had and continue to have in and for your Life -
right down to this moment; reading this… and what you will do with it.
So, next time something “bad” happens -
let it be a reminder of how amazing you are
and how much power & influence you have
without even knowing it….

After all
you knew it would happen.

How incredible is that??



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