So you think you’ve got problems?

Some time ago I saw a woman whose face
had been severely disfigured from burns.
Several times I caught myself avoiding as much
eye contact as I normally would allow because
it was distracting. And if I’m distracted…
well, you who know me know I have to keep
starting things over and over again if distracted.… —-> Continue…

What will save you?

The story has been told about a man
who was at home taking a nap,
when suddenly there was a frantic
pounding on his front door.
Opening the door, a young boy
hurriedly informed him that a flood
was coming and that he needed
to evacuate immediately.… —-> Continue…

About your balanced Life – Part 2

The other day I was talking
about moderation and balance.

If you didn’t have the opportunity to read it,
you’re going to want to do that FIRST -
otherwise a few pieces of this puzzle
are going to be missing, and I’m sure
both of us want to see the whole picture.… —-> Continue…

How do you want to feel?

Several weeks ago I had fallen quite hard
while running on snow covered concrete.
Not a brilliant thing to do.
Since then both my elbow and shoulders have been a
constant reminder of what happens when moving
body parts meet an immoveable object at high speed.… —-> Continue…

Do you have $3 to spare? A priceless lesson…

When I heard the
tapping on the window,
I froze.  It’s dark out,
and I had pulled off the
road into an empty parking
lot of a closed service station
to find out what had fallen
off  of the seat next to me.… —-> Continue…

About your balanced Life – PART 1


I think it was Ben Franklin who said;
“All things in moderation”.all-things-in-moderation-MT2

I have found this to be
great wisdom and advice,
and also used quite a
bit as a justification.

Similarly when we hear
that we should keep a
healthy balance in our Life -
what is missing in these sage
bits of understanding is the knowing
what exactly is being weighed in.… —-> Continue…

Don’t miss out; Dance in this Life…

Several years ago a friend gave me a
cassette tape that was a compilation
of mostly country music.
It was meant to be a joke,
because everyone knew I
couldn’t stand country music.
Not knowing what was on the tape, I played it.… —-> Continue…

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