Beyond & Behind the Smile…


In light of recent events,
I’d like to pull back a bit from perception
and take a good look at the reality around us.
In particular – the people in & about our lives.

Whether they live in mansions or mud huts,
everyone has needs that aren’t being met.
The problems of another may seem small to you or I -
but to the person who has become overwhelmed
and trapped by them – they are as insurmountable
as they are unbearable and hopeless.

And you… you and I
may not see it on the outside.
They may hide it behind a smile or a joke,
yet out of the limelight of our attention -
they are headed toward destruction.

So let’s look beyond the mask of stories
and see the faces without their makeup.
Let’s step into their shoes and take a walk
within their perspective of and within the world.

Care enough to show and let them know that
you want to find out how they’re REALLY doing -
and don’t take “fine” or “OK” as an answer.
Engage with them & have an honest to goodness
conversation AS IF their life depended on it.

Because… it just might…

For so many,
in so many ways -
you made a difference.


R.I.P.   ~Robin Williams



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