You Don’t Know What’s Possible…

The biggest key to growing and going
beyond where you are is to realize
that you only know what you know.
EVERYTHING that we know
we didn’t know until we did.

It is one of the simplest yet profound truths,
yet so many overlook it and choose to
view the things around them through
the mirror of the past rather than
the looking glass of the present.… —-> Continue…

Choice more than chance






Uncertainty repeated
creates a self fulfilling doubt,
which causes further uncertainty…

Speak of those things you desire,
focus on that which can be certain
and set the sails of your heart
to the winds of passion.

Choice – more than chance – brings you what you hope for…


Ever caught yourself saying things like:

> I’m not sure if I can do that
> I don’t know if that will work
> I may not finish it on time

Here’s the deal.… —-> Continue…

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