Take the First Step!


Some time ago, I ran across this
quote by Martin Luther King, Jr.

“You don’t have to see
the whole staircase,
just take the first step.”

When I read this, I pictured a spiral staircase -
one that quickly turned out of sight as it twisted upward.
Upward, where the heights of our dreams and goals reside -
out of reach while our feet are still firmly planted in familiarity and fear.

So often we do not take action or move forward in our Life
because we are unwilling to take that first step.

Ah yes, that first step.
For those of you with children, were you there to see your baby’s first steps?
You can thank me later for this, but I watched no less than 2 dozen videos
tonight on baby’s first steps, and I can tell you that none of them
were looking at what or where their next step was.
They were looking at where they wanted to be!
At some point every one of them put one foot forward – and moved.
And guess what?  They were one step closer to where they wanted to be.
OHHHHHHHH please get how simple yet profound and AWESOME that is.

Listen… if you’re stuck in some area of your Life, do this.
Take a minute & take deep breath with me. Take another one.
And that little voice that’s wondering
what the next step is and
why we’re doing this
- shut it up.

Be the baby.

You wondering what every detail is
and what it should look like and
what it’s supposed to be
is doing wonders at
keeping you
And let me offer this gold nugget;
every time you approach a situation with a “should be”
- you cut off the opportunities of what could be.

Seriously, at no time in history are we more able to step out in faith
and move forward in fearless assurance than right now.
Most of the challenges you may face
have been overcome & conquered by others -
and finding out the information you need to know is
at your fingertips in this ‘net linked world we live in.

So get off any destination procrastination you have.
Get off your beliefs that you have to see
all the steps before you’ll take any.
You’ll never get to any of them until you take that first!

And that first step IS the most important
because it means you have the faith and the guts
to get your feet off the ground that holds you down
that is your comfort zone of familiarity… and failure.



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