Beneath the Surface

It has often occurred to me that at times
I hold too high of expectations for my son.
What I also realize is that I also carry these
often too high expectation of others
into the world of those around me.

I too often assume other people know what I know.
And the truth of it is that they know what they know.
I know what I know. You know what you know.
Some things that you know, I know.
Some things that they know, you know.
Yes, there are things that you, they, and I all know!
AND there are more things that we do NOT know.
It’s those things that we do not know, do not see
and do not yet even perceive that typically hold us.
I say hold us, because since we don’t even know they exist,
we are not trying to release ourselves from their grasp;
as we are not even aware we are being held back.

There are things about us that
we do not see – that we do not know.
But just because we can’t see it or don’t
know about it doesn’t mean it’s not there.

It doesn’t mean that it’s not having an effect
on your Life and on those around you.
Quite the contrary:
all too often it’s the things
that we are not aware of that
determine and dictate so much
of what we do and do not do.

With that in mind, there is a very good chance
all your efforts thus far are done to affect and have
an effect only on that which you are aware of and see.
Because you and I are aware of the things we do know
and suspect are causing and creating both our victories
as well as our failures; yet when we hit a wall and find
ourselves unable to move forward – there are things
of which we are not aware, things that we are blind
to seeing and knowing, and they are continually
tripping us up and making us fall and fail.

So what is the relevant application of this profundity?

Well, so glad you asked!  Let’s just say and agree on
that there are things that we see and know hold us
back from achieving a more fulfilling Life.  Right?
Unless you have a perfect Life, nod your head.

What usually stands in the way of conquering these
things are the things THAT WE DON’T SEE.
Case in point, it was the ice UNDER the water
that sank the Titanic. Realize that there are
things beneath the surface that affect who
we are, what we do, how we act, react.
That in itself may cast enough light to reveal
the shadow of what really holds us back.

Something else to keep in mind, and
I may have mentioned this before;
often other people can see those
things about us that we are blind to.
So if someone brings something to
your attention about yourself, it may
behoove you to take a look and see
if there might be some truth to it; the
tip of the iceberg lurking beneath.
That doesn’t mean that you blindly
believe what everyone tells you is
true about yourself. That in itself
can be a blessing or a curse.
(More about this another time)
But take a look at the evidence.
Self discovery usually requires a nudge
from someone or something
other than our own self.



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