Always a Rainbow…

“Always a rainbow”.
It’s one of my favorite things to say.
Still, let’s be clear; the tragedies
and tears are not out of sight;
I am not deaf to the cries of
those who have suffered loss.
Yet we have before us the opportunity of a lifetime;
a chance to look at what we might create
within a life that has been made unrutted.

Most of us have done the familiar in Life.
We have an idea of what each day will bring -
for better or worse, good or bad;
it is what we have come to expect.
Into this familiarity we recognize our resources,
our abilities, opportunities, and limitations.

And now… our “normal” is anything but.
We’ve been forced to be mindful
of how we interact with the world.
Our patterns have been broken up -
habits, schedules, and routines shredded.
So much of what we’ve taken for granted
has suddenly shown us its value and its cost.

If you’ve ever wanted an excuse to make
dramatic and powerful changes in your life -
this could be the launching pad for you.

You’re already shifting the usual in your world;
your status quo and normal way of being has been
interrupted, disrupted, and otherwise corrupted.

Instead of trying to swim back upstream
hoping things will get back to “normal” again;
why not push the envelope of your potential and
pursue those hopes, dreams, and passions that
required you to step out of your comfort zone?

The world needs you to be extraordinary -
which means it’s time to get rid of the ordinary and
give up your illusions and delusions of inadequacy.
They’ve never served you – only enslaved you
to the comfortable life you’ve settled for.

Your decisions and direction don’t need to be popular,
and you don’t need permission for your mission.
No matter what your circumstance or situation,
now is the time to be bold and present to possibility.
In the shadow of the unknown, resist the urge to cower;
that is the all too familiar reaction – that is what you know.
Move instead in faith, with courage, and conquer it.

The rains have come -
now we need your light
to make the rainbow…




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