Birds of a Feather…

“Birds of a feather flock together…”

This may be an age old bit of wisdom
- but what I really want to know is:
Do I know where the flock is headed,
and do I want to go where they’re going?

We would be wise to be intent, not merely content,
with who we surround ourselves with, for they
can be our greatest support and lift us up,
or an unwary opposition that pulls us down.

Choose those who are encouraging, uplifting, and
will hold you accountable to your word with yourself.

You will tend to mirror and mimic over time
those who you spend time with, and even take
on the emotions they present with as a result
depending on your innate level of empathy.

I think this whole ‘birds of a feather’ saying came about
because it’s so comfortable and easy to have friendships
and associations with those who are similar to ourselves.

Yet, as much as it’s easy and comfortable to be in
a group of people a lot like me who will carry me along;
I’d rather be pulled by those headed in the direction I want to go…

So let me ask you;
Where are you being pulled, and by Whom?




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