Changing the World – One Post-It at a time

let it go post it guy1

I carry a small filing cabinet wherever I go.
It’s called my wallet.  Rather than cash,
scraps of miscellaneous paper fill it to the brim.
A piece of napkin, a post-it note, gas receipt, etc.
On each is written a reminder of something -
typically a random thought created in my head.
(Where else are we to create such thoughts?!??)
Let’s just take a look now :)

A piece of an orange post-it that says
“A good day to let it go…
What are you holding onto
that you should let go? ”

Along the side it says “moments”.

Here’s a green Post-it that says
“You may not be able to change the World -
but you might influence someone who can…”

Here’s another green post-it cut in half
“Do you prioritize the
immediate & pressing
or the important ?”

And another piece of green post-it says
“We seem to practice our morality
when it serves us / is convenient”

So there you have a few of the things
that are important & I need to tell you, and
I write these notes because I don’t want to forget.
But the note I really need to write is “WRITE !!!”
These scraps of paper aren’t doing either
of us any good hiding out in my wallet.

Now, I was asked a few nights ago
what I wanted to do when I grew up.

“Be a part in changing the World” was my response.

As many of you know – I can’t do this.
But I have faith that some of YOU can…
How long does it take to move a mountain ?
Over a lifetime – if only one person is doing it.

So here is a number: 323,385

What if you had 323,385 people helping you
move that mountain ? Rather inspiring, isn’t it ?
Makes that daunting task of mountain moving seem
a bit more achievable, realistic. and within reach, eh?
And what if each of those people shared the cause of
moving this mountain with just one or two of their friends ?
In no time at all we’d have nearly a million people
ready, willing and able to move the mountain
with very little effort on any one person’s part.

Now, even if we never find that “One” person
who can manage to transform the world
with their amazing greatness; we can
look back and find that each of us
managed to change the world all by
ourselves one person at a time.
So here’s my little secret.
323,385 is the number of page views I’ve had as of tonight.
That’s how many opportunities I’ve had
to change the world one person at a time.

And now it’s your turn…

We could use another hand :)