It feels good to give… Are you ready to receive?


It feels good to give.

Doesn’t it ?

Oh sure, sometimes we give
out of guilt or obligation;
heck, sometimes we even do it
as a way to manipulate !

But few things make us feel as good as when
we give unconditionally from the heart.

And especially warming is when we are able
to contribute to the life of one who is
often giving to others themselves.

Now, this is something I’ve touched on before.

I’ve spent my whole life always trying to be the one
who is helping others and never asking for help -
never allowing others the opportunity to help me;

not giving them the pleasure and good feelings that
are associating with knowing you helped someone.

When people see you struggling -
and they care about you, it is a GREAT feeling
to be able to give back to them and help them.

I never give people the chance.

Like many people, I’ve always held the notion
that it is a sign of weakness to ask for help.

I can take care of myself – and shouldn’t rely on others.

The real truth of the matter is that the most
successful people you’ll ever meet became that way
not by doing everything themselves and relying
solely on their own abilities, talents, etc;

but by asking for and receiving help from others.

And I’ll just say this once before I move on;

Pride will all too often imprison you
and prevent you from being
all that you could become,
and doing all that
you could do.

So under the guise of being strong and stoic,
I’ve ripped others off one of the greatest
rewards they might ever receive from me.


I have a win / win solution.

Ready ?

Don’t let its simplicity undermine it’s power.

Let’s agree to try this for 2 weeks:

When you need help,


And don’t toy with me on this -
don’t just ask one or two people
who you know would help you.

That’s playing the same game you’ve been playing,
and how has that been working out for you ?

Step out and ask for help until you get it.

It may help to know that each person you ask
is a new opportunity for a solution
and one step closer


they don’t know if you’ve asked
one other person or 200 other people.

All they know is YOU are asking THEM for help.

This is starting to excite me.

There are billions pf people on this planet !

OK, my work here is done and I can’t wait to get started.

Ah, but first let me leave a few of you something to chew on,
because I know the thought has crossed your mind.

Yes, you are.

That’s the answer to the unsaid thought that is;

‘I’m not worth it –
nobody is gonna help me…’

Again -

let’s try something different.

Pretend as if they will,
and that they want to
AND have been waiting to.

Consider also that 2 weeks is going to come and go
whether you do this or not -

You have nothing to lose
and everything to gain !


ps -

Note to self
and to you:

Quitting IS an option,
but you’ve done that before and it hasn’t
got you where you truly want to be… right?