I’m glad you made it here!

I’ve been waiting to ask you:
Have you ever wondered if there might be something
more to Life or something more worthy OF your Life
than what your day after day brings?
Have you ever wanted to do something
extraordinary with your Life here on Earth?

What if…living your Life IS the
biggest thing you could do with it?
Then the real question becomes;
are you living your Life?
What are you doing with the day by day
and the moment by moments that you receive?

Because at some point,
the priorities of your Life need to reflect the path
of your dreams and desires; your passions and Purpose.
And this, I believe, is the statement that if you can truly understand
and embrace it for yourself will cause your Life to be transformed:

The one truth to face is that
there is nothing of tangible significance
that separates the most successful from the most desperate.
What really holds you back… is

This collection of thoughts is dynamic in content as
it is in design and will continue to change & evolve.
The goal is to bring you, in and between the lines,
both the inspiration and building blocks
to create a Life worthy of your life…


It’s not where you start – but when you get going


So my goal is to keep this short and sweet,
because if I don’t – the point might get lost.

Now, regardless of your religious & spiritual beliefs,
you no doubt get the intent of my photo posted above.

There is no shortage of people who came from
low and humble beginnings and went on
to create great success for themselves.… —-> Continue…

Why Do We Remain Shadows?

We remain shadows
only because we fear
that we are nothing
without the Light,
forgetting that the
Light is within us -
        not without…

Focus on the Prize, not the Price…


Things that come easy
are often taken for granted – and lost.
That which we earn by the sweat of our brow
and the sharpness of our mind are kept close -
yielding a far richer Life worth much more
than the sacrifices we have made…
Focus on the Prize,
not the price…

The Scars of our Life…

The scars of our life
are the score of our living -
evidence that we have risen
from the shadows and fought.
We may not win every battle,
and we will falter, fall, and even fail
in our advances and endeavors.… —-> Continue…

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